TN: 2008 Domaine Latour-Giraud Meursault 1er Cru Les Genevrières

  • 2008 Domaine Latour-Giraud Meursault 1er Cru Les Genevrières - France, Burgundy, Côte de Beaune, Meursault 1er Cru (12/22/2011)
    Rich and heady at first with a suggestion of almond butter and plenty of ripe, sappy orchard fruits. At the wine’s core there is something cool and rocky. It breathes in the glass to emit a sensual fragrance of white flowers. It is not advanced or overly developed but it is generous and giving and in a place right now that I would have no hesitation to drink, well I obviously had no hesitation to drink as I did drink one.

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I tasted this in a few vintages and it is a decent enough wine. From the admittedly small sample (1999/2001/2002) I’d have to say these wines are fairly p’ox resistant, despite the 2001 being quite advanced; curiously enough. Since they are decently priced, one gets their money’s worth.

Since they are decently priced, one gets their money’s worth.

Yes…same here in Quebec and Ontario, Canada.

Seems to be like most '08 whites…they are pretty open and giving now, if a touch on the rich side…

Mike, really this shows that it’s just a question of luck. It’s been rare in my experience to find an unpoxed bottle from here though they are nice when healthy.


That’s why I worded it the way I did. I’m aware of the problems others have reported with these wines. I just haven’t come acros any, although a 2001 Genevrières was advanced two years ago. However, isn’t an 8 year old wine from a difficult vintage made by a slightly above average producer supposed to show some age?

i couldn’t see it in your TN except maybe the hint to something cool and rocky part, but i find more tension in 08 CDB whites than what above Tn is showing. its the combo of richness and energy, the abundant notes of mineral/acid that make them so perfect. if you can’t tell i am in love with 08 CDB whites [cheers.gif]

Bouchard and Fichet 08 genevrieres have both been awesome (near perfect tension of fruit/mineral, roundness/acid) and so delicious and so hard to resist right now, albeit bouchard more forward while fichet more tight but by no means backward. bouchard perrieres on the other hand quite a bit tighter and in need of 3-5 years to come to its own.

Thanks for your take re Bouchard 08 Genevrieres.

I was tinking whether I should buy some or not ( as I always own his Charmes 08 and others ). I will definitely buy at least 2 or 3 during next discount sale.

Peter, I drank one recently and it is gorgeous. Worth your money.

Thanks…Julien - defintely 3 ( in Feb 2012 ). I drink most of my white burgundy young now ( best at 5 to 6 ) and seldom keep them over 7.

Bouchard - Perrieres is my fav 1ieme cru but I seldom see them now with SAQ. Regarding 08 Bouchard I missed the oppertunity to buy Bouchard 08 Montrachet which was released by SAQ some months ago … [swearing.gif]