TN: 2008 Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand, South Island, Marlborough)

  • 2008 Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc - New Zealand, South Island, Marlborough (7/9/2009)
    Nicely made NZ sauvignon blanc, with a good balance of grassy minerality on nose and palate. A hint of smokiness on the finish.

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I liked it.

I finally got to taste this and was a little disappointed. It is very nice Sauvignon Blanc but for me just lacks that intensity and agressiveness that I look for. I got to taste a bunch of 2008 SBs up in Vancouver, BC about a month ago at the New Zealand Winegrowers tasting. My favorite was Wither Hills Rarangi which we will not be seeing here in the US. The Stoneleigh Rapaura, O:TU, and Brancott Reserve also were top notch, all from Marlborough. At this point none of these are not available here in Oregon yet. The other real surprise for me was 2008 Palliser Estate from Martinborough. It has this great racy acidity with passionfruit flavors and is available here. Over the last number of vintages my benchmark has been Saint Clair Wairau Reserve 2006. In 2008, lots of people in Marlborough had some issues with too high of yields. They were about a third higher production than their highest record. Two that seem to show this for my taste are the Kim Crawford and Matua Paretai. They are still good but seem to lack that intensity they usually have.

Michael, I agree that this was a pretty low-key example. I’m just hypothesizing here, but I wonder if less intense SBs might not be more commercially viable? Perhaps they don’t offer as much to the true wine geek, but for the average consumer (many of your customers, for instance) I wonder if such wines offer an introduction to SB that’s not quite as challenging as more “intense” examples.

Just a thought…

So that is why we have Glen Ellen, Columbia Creat, and Yellow Tail.

I think that for intro New Zealand Sauv Blanc they made Monkey Bay which has some definite RS. I do agree that for the average consumer who has never tasted NZ Sauvignon Blanc, you need a little separation, compared to Chardonnay.