TN: 2008 Cameron Clos Electrique Blanc, Dundee Hills, OR

TN: 2008 Cameron Clos Electrique Blanc, Dundee Hills, OR
Is this supposed to look orange/gold? No, I don’t think so.

Is it supposed to taste this oxidative along with the underlying ripe Chard character? No, I don’t think so.

I was hoping to serve it with a Steamed Lobster course tonight.

Most Chards pick up a bit of oxidative character with age. Not so much that it dominates the wine. A little too old to call it pre-mox. Back to the cellar for Plan B.


Sorry to hear about the 2008 Cameron Clos Electrique Blanc. I enjoyed the 2012 a few months ago.

And I saw your note about the 2008 Cameron Abbey Ridge Pinot earlier this week as well. Oddly enough we opened the 2017 versions of both wines last weekend for a Humane Society tasting. The Pinot needs lots of time or a very long decant, but I enjoyed the final pour of the Blanc last night. Quite tasty. I have over a case of each wine, so it was more a check on the wines at this point in time and sharing for a great cause.

Happy Holidays!

It’s really getting hard to tell Oregon from white Burgundy.

Cameron Sans Electrique

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I had a second bottle so couldn’t resist the science experiment. Some oxidative notes but absolutely no where close to last night.


I had a 2012 the other night that I’d call advanced.

Perhaps not apples to apples, but after several bottles, I’d call the 2017 Chardonnay Reserve a definite drink sooner-than-later wine.

Do they use Diam now or still traditional cork? Seems like a change might be a good idea.

My experience with Cameron whites is fairly limited but the few I’ve had with 5-7 years of age on them seemed pretty ready. The reds on the other hand……

I had a pretty oxidized '09 Electrique last year.

This thread surprises me. In the Portland area most folks feel the whites need time, and are fabulous at age seven and on. I lack the experience to weigh in. But I certainly won’t claim Richard didn’t taste what he tasted, or that he shopped his photo.

Glad he got a good bottle in the end, though!

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Thanks Brady. The good bottle paired beautifully with the steamed Maine Lobster last night. I’d heard a number of stories about advanced Cameron Chards. Having cellared and consumed a dozen+ since the 04 vintage, this was my first incidence. Better track record than white Burgs FWIW. Rick Allen has considerable Cameron experience and likely a better handle on it.


Rick probably has more experience than anyone outside of John Paul. I’ve had more than a few back to 2008, and have had one or two that was advanced but far from dead. And plenty that were lively and sublime.

The 2017’s that I opened last weekend were still traditional cork. I’ve opened a few more recent AVA bottles and I can’t recall a switch to Diam. Rick might be able to offer more details.

Interesting. I’m headed to Charleston for a few days, but I’ll open a 2017 Chardonnay Reserve upon our return.