TN: 2008 Biggio Hamina Zenith Vineyard, Pinot Noir - A really nice surprise

A mystery box as part of my Berserker Relief purchases. A scattering of Pinots, a Sangiovese - say what(?) - and a crazy azz orange wine that only some deranged cyclist could concoct.

But I digress.

I’m not a Pinot guy, just no expertise there, so take my notes in stride. And I had no expectations here, or I should say, was not sure what Todd’s more serious cuvees were like. I had one of his basic Pinots once, and it was quite nice, light and bright.

This wine, by comparison, is damn serious.

It actually drinks like a Chateau Thivin Cote de Brouilly, Beaujolais. All dark fruits, meaty, deep earth notes, herbal. Hint of green or mint. Blood orange rind. Pretty cool this is 12 years old and under screw-cap! And quite youthful, really. Structured, good acid, a slightly clipped finished and a little chewiness still. I think this wine has a little more growth potential.

(91 pts.)


I’m glad your Mystery Box is off to a good start, and thanks again for kicking off the BQR.

Thank you for starting the Quarantine thread!

Todd is one of the more underrated, if terse,
winemakers in the Valley. We were in the same winery in 2008. He’s a great guy to go through harvest with, and I suspect his 08s have many years ahead of them.

Good to see you dipping a toe in the “water” of the Willamette Valley too!

Owlman does Oregon Pinot?? 2008 is probably the right vintage for you! Glad you enjoyed it…despite the fact that you’re freaking me out.


I tried to cater to his fetid, seweresque desires, but it was no small feat.

I have very large but not fetid feet, the shoes to which are very hard to fill, but this one fits the bill.


I too took a flyer on the mystery box and open the 2014 pinot (Youngberg) tonight, and couldn’t agree more. Really a nice surprise. These are now on my radar. I’d really like to get My hands on something as old is 08. Todd, want to help a brother out?

Robert, I kind a have a sense of your pallet from your tasting notes and I can decipher what you’re getting from this wine. I’m not surprised. These are well-made wines and showing very nicely. To quote the Grateful Dead, once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

Is he drinking the pink gew?

I was mean to Todd tonight. Popped my favorite “now” vintage of a personal fave of mine, Gonon, the 2011, had a glass, moved to the leftover 08 Zenith, and then went back to Gonon for the finish. A great grouping of wines with some fun grilled food by my college son home on covid break. This Gonon is stellar, such an expressionistic vintage of Gonon, and somehow pulls off black olives, bacon and some red citrusy fruits with aplomb. The meatiness of the Biggio did not back down, stood its ground. Delish.

Mean to Todd… that’s how it starts. It’s ok, I got hailed on tonight for the last bit of my ride. Bare legs and hail. No Worries.

Jordan I will send you a note. Thanks.

I can’t afford that type of product placement. The pink gew is fun though.

Todd, speaking of your “aged” wines the handsome country lawyer might like. Are the 07-09 Deux Vert syrah I’m holding ready to drink? Or, should I keep waiting?

The 7’s and 8’s are both in nice spots now, but could go another five years. The 9 can go forever. It’s bomb proof.