TN: 2008 Bieler Pere dt Fils Vin des Pays de Maures "Sabine"

  • 2008 Bieler Père et Fils Vin des Pays de Maures Sabine - France, Provence, Vin des Pays de Maures (5/30/2009)
    Very pale pink color with a very spice laden nose, this easy sipping wine is a pleasure to drink on a warm early summer evening. There are soft notes of strawberry, rhubarb, pie crust, coriander and mango of all things. The wine actually improved over night as I was told it would. Thanks to Dan Posner who highly recommended this wine. Btw - it’s a killer qpr at $99 a case. I may have to go back for more. I believe this is a blend of Cab Sauv., Syrah and Grenache, crazy blend for a Rose. (88 pts.)

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$99 a case! Oh my. Thanks for the note. I don’t think I’ve found a good rosé under $11 yet this season, and I haven’t seen this one here in the Northwest, but now the hunt is on.

Melissa, this is very good stuff, especially considering the low, low price. It was even nicer to drink the next day. I haven’t had too many cheap rose’s the can pull that off.

…and despite my blatant “shout out” to DP, my thread on the “board that shall not be named” that I posted this same note still lives. Go figure.