TN: 2007 Windy Oaks Estate Pinot Noir Terra Narro Schultze F

Medium ruby red. Really expressive red fruit aromas. Light and lively on the palate with complex rasberry, cranberry fruit flavors. Lingering aftertaste. This will probably continue to improve for the next year or so before reaching a very satisfying plateau. Nicely done! (90 pts.)

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very true… I had it when I was up at the winery a few weeks ago. Much better now then it was when first released. Jim was saying that the 08 is being held back because it still needs some time in bottle… the 08 Estate Cuvee is quite nice…

Love me some WO. flirtysmile

I’m going to start [smileyvault-ban.gif] ing you folks who are drinking and enjoying your Windy Oaks wines so damn young!!!

If you would just sign up for the club you would soon realize that the stuff accumulates quickly and you too could drink some young ones.

I’m in the club!!

Well then open some! It seems like since I’ve been in the club ('05 vintage) I usually get about 8 bottles of the Cuvee and Reserve every year, no harm in trying them young with that many bottles.

Sometimes I’ll go most of the year without opening a WO trying to give them some time, and then I’ll have one and wonder why the hell I haven’t drank at least a couple bottles.

I’m only one shipment in thus far, and no cuvees yet…must be patient

Terra narro is Windy Oak’s drink-me-young wine. Oak influence is less noticeable (but still apparent). It is a welcome addition to the good value pinots such as Copain Tous Ensemble, Joseph Swan Cuvee de Trois, Olivet Lane, and that popular 06 Alesia San Mateo County.

imo, WO pinots can be drunk at all stages; they have something to offer young and aged. it would be difficult to say one is better than the other, just different. I am finishing off my 2003s and although I have enjoyed them, I can’t say they are better than the 2007s i have opened so far.


I agree Steve.

I think the same thing could be said for Ketcham.

The 2006 Windy Oaks Proprietor’s Reserve is certainly ready to go. In fact, I wonder whether it will really improve??