TN: 2007 Saint Cosme Gigondas

From a list at a restaurant this past weekend with a prime porterhouse. Full of black raspberries and roasted meat, this is a great wine to enjoy today. Very dense and rich on the palate but not jammy. It has great structure as well, but I can’t imagine it getting much better. Drink them if you have them with a big juicy steak or perhaps even better, some lamb.

This has me thinking on the Cotes du Rhone (and les Deux Albion) - I wonder if they should be consumed sooner than later as well

Not sure as I haven’t had them Todd. I’ll say that I really like older wines. I see you’re a Chave guy. I am too and I let those things go forever. I have more bottles of Chave than anything else in my cellar. This stuff though is so good now in a fruit forward way that I think people should at least try them. They’ll last without a doubt, but will they be better? I’m not sure. I would say if you don’t like a lot of fruit in your wine, and there are a lot of times that I don’t want to drink that kind of wine either, then avoid them. I worry about these ripe vintage Rhone wines picking up pruney flavors as they age. I don’t like that much. This is certainly not overripe or cloying at this time, so I would give them a try.

If you have that much Chave, when are we getting together to pop a cork or two?

Would love to sometime. I’m always up for a glass or two of Chave.

Let’s do it! Where are you? (since you don’t have your profile updated - for SHAME!)

The CDR and CDR Deux are a steal. Buy a bunch, drink some and save some. See what happens.

Maybe I’ll bring a mag of Deux to Berserkerfest 2.5

Awesome bottle of wine. Thanks for the note.

I think this wine will be enjoyable for many years, and the user’s preference will do as much to determine the peak of the wine as the wine itself. For at least a decade.

Pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but I like it here. I updated my profile. Opened a '97 Chave tonight which is drinking great now.

Well, if I ever get stupid enough to visit Bowden and Liotta again, I’ll find a way to get to you.

If you get to a major city on the West Coast, you do the same!