TN--2007 Rivers-Marie Napa Valley Cabernet

A little late for the 2007 thread, but tried yesterday. Bouquet of plums and dark cherries mixed with some light sense of herbs and a touch of oak. Wonderful feel in the mouth, true cashmere and a sure sense of balance between rich and sugar-tinged red and black fruit, a little meats, glance of dill (cheese brings this out) and melding of acids and tannins. Thoroughly enjoyable and should develop some further complexity over the next 2 years. My deep thanks to Marshall Gelb for parting with a couple bottles of his allocation for me to have the chance to try.

kwa heri,

I very much liked this wine also, Mike, after opening a bottle a couple of months ago in Tucson. Some excellent concentration and depth of fruit; some tannins in evidence; rich texture on the palate. As you indicate it should develop over the next few years into a fine bottle.


Tried this a couple of months ago and it really benefitted from a few hours in the decanter. Overall, a very good bottle for what is a reasonable price nowadays.

I love this wine, and indeed, sanely priced for a cab of this quality and character. Did anyone catch Laube’s blog today? He sheds some light on what was (to me anyway) a great mystery as to the cabernet fruit source.

How about shining some of that light this way.

Bruce - not sure if it’s the same every year, but for 09 it’s the Roberto Corona vyd above Harlan, and Panek vyd in St Helena next to Vineyard 29.

I was told (shhh) that it was declassified Screagle.

Seriously, thanks for the heads-up, I would have missed this.