TN: 2007 Rivers-Marie Chard

TN: 2007 Rivers-Marie Chardonnay B. Thieriot Vineyard (USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast)

I have and will continue to buy whatever Rivers-Marie wines are offered with each mailer. We opened our first bottle of the '07 Chard, and it reminded why that is the right choice for us.

The R-M wine was served with fresh, local blue claw crab (pictured in avatar). To me, this was a great combination of California chardonnay (don’t drink much of it) and White Burgundy (drink alot of it). On the nose, you got plenty of vanilla and some oak, but not over the top, with enough of a hint of citrus and minerality that you know something good is coming. On the palate, a good deep body, with fresh lemons and limes and enough minerality and acid to keep everything in balance.

Oysters to start …$18.00/dozen served with Pierre Peters Brut Blanc de Blancs Cuvée de Réserve NV…$39.00 , fresh blue claw crab…$40.00/dozen, fresh picked Jersey Corn and Tomatoes…$10.00, R-M Chard…$45 plus shipping, Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Live at Radio City Music Hall playing on the Ipod…downloaded for $14.99…a summer evening on our the deck with my beautiful wife enjoying all of it…Priceless.

Had this over the weekend, out by the neighbor’s pool. Like summer in a glass. Thanks for the note.

Did this a week and a half ago, you nailed the notes.
Just awesome wine.

I’d be interested in hearing thoughts on letting this age for a few more years.

BTW, I recently caught the Reynolds/Matthews performance on Palladia and it was friggin’ great.

Russ - I had the same thought about how well the wine would age…but with an allocation of only 2 bottles, I can’t imagine that we will keep our hands off of the other one for very long and so we will have to rely on someone else. BTW - I bought the DVD of the Matthews/Reynolds Radio City concert and it is worthwhile viewing.

I saw a reference in Cellar Tracker to Peay being somewhat close (I think someone even suggested it was better) to the R-M Chard. Any other suggestions for a similar wine?

Had the rm out of barrel. Almost all new oak. But very acidic. Pray is awesome. I’ll dive into a bottle of the rm soon

I ended up trading my two chards with a fellow RM fan for a couple of Pinots. I am happy, he is happy. Good to see the Chard doing well.

Is this the only chard TRB makes?

He also made an '07 Maybach from this vineyard.

Thanks for the note. I am letting mine sleepy sleep … although I did get to try one earlier and thought it was impressive … although way young.

The Peays are amazing IMO. Too soon to tell on the 07 but my initial impression is that the Peay is a small step up. I also like Dehlinger and Rhys Chards. Outside of that I usually stick to Oregon and France.

Oh wait, I forgot about Arcadian … that may get my vote for tops in the state.


I have not tapped into my RM, but my tops would be:

  1. Rhys
  2. Aubert
  3. Peay
  4. Arcadian (would be much higher if more consistent)
  5. Kongsgaard (no butter, but 100% cali in style)