TN: 2007 Ridge Geyserville

I came on some 2007 Ridge Geyserville in Naragansett over the July 4 weekend and grabbed one.

I opened it last night with stir-fried chicken and vegetables in a curry sauce. The wine was a good match, with good fruit to complement the curry and very soft tannins. It’s at a slightly awkward phase, though, and perhaps even a bit past its prime, depending on your tastes. There is a slight prune note and the alcohol (only 14.4%) stood out just a bit as it warmed up (yes, I had the AC on full blast). Not much structure there – either acid or tannin – and not much complexity. It appeared to be fresh stock, but perhaps it had not been carefully stored.

It’s one of those years where the wine seems dominated by the carignane rather than zin, and indeed it’s a relatively low proportion of zin (58% zin; 22% carignane; 18% petite sirah; 2% mataro). Perhaps this will morph into a claret-like wine someday, but I’m not sure. Very pleasant but not a great value at $30. No regrets now that I didn’t buy more. 86+ points

Bummer. I have had some lovely older bottles, John.

I’ve heard mixed reviews on the 07. As with an ageable Bordeaux, the problem may be that you’re tasting too soon. I’m letting mine sit.

I have a couple bottles of the 2007. I was planning to hold them until 2015–will keep checking reviews on CellarTracker and may open sooner.

This actually sync’s up quite well with my comments in the Ponzo thread. The more I think about it, it may be a pruny issue vs. over-ripeness. Either way, I haven’t enjoyed the '07 anywhere near as much as earlier vintages.