TN: 2007 Querciabella Chianti Classico

  • 2007 Querciabella Chianti Classico - Italy, Tuscany, Chianti, Chianti Classico (5/1/2010)
    95% Sangiovese and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon. Bucolic notes of charcuterie, black cherries, currants, and loose jasmine tea. Light-bodied and balanced on the midpalate with a woodsy finish. Enjoyable with dinner and relatively innocuous as a Chianti, but it didn’t really change much or provide any new insights as the evening wore on. Probably better by the glass than the bottle. (87 pts.)

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I think this producer is a bit overrated…I really like Camartina…but again nothing special [cheers.gif]

Hi Paul,

Have not had the '07 yet, but we generally enjoy this producer’s CC. I have had good experience with them after a handful of years of slumber. Doesn’t sound like you feel age will help this one, however.

Cheers newhere

Hard to say at this point. I was initially attracted to this producer because of their biodynamic farming practices and use of ambient yeasts, but the wine did not seem to reflect that. Maybe I need to try one with more age on it. In any case, I do feel this is a very good wine – in the low B+ range – and I hope my note reflected that sentiment.

Maybe it’s unfair to expect much more from a “regular” (i.e. non-Riserva, non-cru-designated) Chianti. With the rare exception (maybe Fontodi or Felsina in a great year), I rarely find one that’s much more than an innocuously enjoyable food-friendly slurper…

It’s when you get into the Riservas that you start to find the difference between the great, the good and “the not”.

If I am drinking a Chianti Rufina or Colli Senesi, then I usually don’t expect much. But if I’m spending $25-30 on a Chianti Classico, then I do expect a little more.

The Querciabella generally is one of the most modern, extracted and sweat CC’s on the market. For my taste there are far more better / mory typical CC’s available on the market for less money. From 2007 I would like to recommend the CC’s from Rampolla, “Argenina” from Palazzino and Poggio al Sole.