TN: 2007 Mugneret-Gibourg Chambolle-Musigny Les Feusselottes

Wow. If this is 2007 from the sisters, this is pretty special.

2007 Mugneret-Gibourg Chambolle-Musigny Les Feusselottes

A dark cherry color with a rim of vibrant red. The nose is primary bright red pinot fruit as of now. The palate bursts with red fruit and some spice. It is seamless. You can’t tell there is any structure. This scares me at first but then there is this rush of flavor and incredible length that comes behind it. There is underlying complexity here. Great balance. Much like some of the better 2000’s but sexier and with more energy. I really like this.

Yep - the 2007s from Marie-Christine and Marie-André are gorgeous - as are many 2007s - I really love the purity of the fruit. I love Feusselottes - a great terroir, usually showing good minerality and elegance. The J-J Confuron Chambolle 1er Cru (which I import) is half Feusselottes and half Chatelôts (another killer climat right next door) - great stuff right in the heart of Chambolle. Enjoy!

Scott Wright
Scott Paul Wines-Scott Paul Selections

I haven’t seen the '07s from “the sisters” yet locally. I’m a buyer regardless, but your note is certainly encouraging Don.

I’ll get mine next month or so and usually open one straight away to get an idea. I liked them a lot in barrel and your note is definitely encouraging (but not a surprise :slight_smile:

Hi Don,
Thanks for the note on this, good to know. Have you (or anyone else) had many '07s in bottle so far?

Your comment about not seeing the structure at first reminded me of when I first started with the '02s in bottle (not that I’m suggesting a comparison, I haven’t tried any '07s yet). Lots of baby fat, many people talking about it as a more pleasurable vintage that might not make old bones. But the structure came out later and many of them are closed up now, shows you what I know…


Will get mine at the same time as Guillaume :slight_smile:

But I’ve tried a reasonable amount of '07s on barrel last year and was failry impressed with the quality.
A lot of bright, clean fruit. The tannins are ripe and silky and do not show the structure that '06 or (of course) '05 showed but that does not mean the wines won’t last. Quite the contrary, I’de have thought, because the balance in most wines I’ve tried was very good indeed. Then again, this is only for those I have tasted (Mugnier, Roumier, Barthod, Mugneret-Gibourg, Clavelier, Rousseau -off top of my head).



I love the JJ Confuron wines. I will have to search this out.

BTW, I am going to Burgundy with Kim Gagné in a couple of weeks.
She has been living in the Haute Cote for a few weeks.
(Rough life)

Thanks to all here for your replies and insights.


This is the first 07 from bottle I have tasted.
I am going to Burgundy in a couple of weeks and hope to taste more than a few from bottle there.

My best to you,


I can’t help but ask; when will your portfolio of producers’ '07s become available for sale?