tn: 2007 jonata flor de jonata

my first tn, so please be gentle!

out of the gate almost painfully tart, loads of acidity, delicious lemon and grapefruit flavors. not terribly forthcoming on the nose - faint whiff of lemon. as the bottle progresses the wine gets a bit rounder but is still bracing. i am not sure what food this would pair with but it is absolutely terrific as a stand alone quaff. glad i have some more of this - have been very impressed with everything i’ve tasted from this producer. 95

95 pts! So you DO like it painful! Could you provide the region the fruit is from? Blend?

Thanks, and welcome (and why would we be gentle when you like it PAINFUL!) [berserker.gif]

sorry - 15% semillon, santa ynez valley. i guess your 1st post shouldn’t be for 95 points, but…i drink a lot of sb, and i like this a good deal better than the 07 merry edwards and 07 spottswoode, 2 pretty highly regarded sbs.

95 pts. is fine…even better with TN’s! ha ha…thanks. Love great SB myself. Will have to try this one. Have you had the Selene SB? Pretty tasty as well.

My fave local SB is definitely Osseus, made by Eric M from Zaca Mesa . . . Give it a shot!

thanks larry - will check it out

Craig, the wonderful folks from Jonata generously provided wines for two of the great dinners at the Scottsdale Culinary festival this year. I adored the SB. In fact our great palate Otto Dobre, whom I invited to the festival who flushes many wines down the drain and never requested anyone to be gentle to him in his entire life ( [rofl.gif] ) liked it so much that he stated that he would be willing to pay the $60 tariff for that wine. Thank you for your note, your effort and courage in posting here. [notworthy.gif]

It’s a great white wine. As noted, there’s a great balance of acidity and richness, though instead of both attributes going down the middle of the road, they are balanced by exisiting harmoniously at opposite extremes.

I’ve already purchased 6 of the SB/Semillion bottles. If my wife who does not drink says I love that then this is it!!!