TN: 2007 Joh Jos Prum WS Spatlese (1st attempt)

This is my first attempt at tasting notes for other people so please bear with me :slight_smile:.

2007 Joh. Jos. Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spätlese

The bottle was chilled before the party and was left out decanting for only a little under an hour at room temperature. It was light yellow in collar. I am more of a fan of a general experience with the flavors of wine rather than specific flavors when tasting. This wine actually kind of surprised me. It was very gentle and almost flowery. It was much more on the peach, honey, tropical fruit flavor profile more so than a crisp lime/passion fruit side. There was a hint of mineral and petrol flavors but not overwhelming. All in all the flavors were well integrated. I believe it lacked a little acidity, but also wasn’t overly sweet. The wine was very well balanced and easy to drink. The finish was medium long. The words that kept coming to my mind while tasting were smooth and mellow. My aunt loved it and she is not a Riesling fan so it may have just not suited my palate at the current age of the bottle. Maybe it was in between ages for my personal preferences. I feel like I am selling the wine a bit short because it was a very good bottle of wine and very enjoyable. The wine was delicious, well balanced, had a decently long finish, and the flavors were well integrated. The wine was undoubtedly a well made bottle of wine. It just wasn’t utterly remarkable or memorable like other bottles of JJ Prum that I have had in the past. I would still give it 90 points as it is a high quality and tasty bottle of wine.

The bottle was purchased from a temperature controlled room at a local liquor store and the room wasn’t overly cold (probably closer to 60-65 degrees). This may have had an affect on the aging of the wine as well. I will be drinking the rest shortly and will come back and edit with any other notes/changes I taste. I promise I won’t post anything about JJ Prum again in the near future, but it’s what I had tasted most recently so I thought I would share. Thanks for reading.

Edit- I just had the remainder of the bottle and I actually enjoyed it much more tonight than last night. The was left in the refrigerator with the cork in the bottle. I don’t know if the additional chill helped, the additional time helped it open up, or if I am just in a better mood, but the wine has more of a zip this evening. Still similar flavor profile, just more explosive in flavor. I think I was way to hard on this wine in my initial tasting and was expecting exactly what I tasted in my 2001 bottle. The flavors just seemed far more intense. I would definitely rate this wine much higher after a second tasting. (92-93 pts)

good job

I tend to like Spatlese painfully young or 20+ years old.

I think I may be in that boat as well. I haven’t had many 20+ year old bottles of Riesling, but I did enjoy the few I have tried. I have had plenty of bottles 5 years and less in age. I do think that I may have opened in a “strange” window. I had an extra bottle of 07 so I decided to give it a taste. It will help in the future for me to find my personal favorite window of time so I can see similarities in other bottles of a similar age.

Thank you Alan.

Great notes. Thanks!

I’m generally a bit fan of 2007 German Riesling, so I’m sure I’d really enjoy this.