TN: 2007 Hospices de Beaune Meursault 1er Cru Les Genevrières Cuvée Baudot Jean-Marc Roulot

  • 2007 Hospices de Beaune Meursault 1er Cru Les Genevrières Cuvée Baudot Jean-Marc Roulot - France, Burgundy, Côte de Beaune, Meursault 1er Cru (3/24/2016)
    First bottle from a recent acquired case……open in bottle for an hour……mold tipped cork(always a good sign for no pox :wink:)……brilliant yellow green metallic color……the nose shows classic lime and chalk, some sulfur funk, ripe orchard fruit, honey butter, blossom florals. Once you hit the nose….you KNOW this is going to be fantastic! And…it is! The fruit is ripe and rich, but not too so……plenty of fresh 07 acidity…really dances on the palate….little jagged at times…so some integration is in need. LOVE the flavors here….lime, chalk, honey, crushed flint, sautéed green apples, white flowers, smoked grey salt. Blind I would guess PYCM? Such pureness and intense freshness here……it does remind me of that 08 version from PYCM, maybe a tad more acidity in the 07. Wonderful start to a case buy……hopefully the next 11 will be as exciting as this one! (95 pts.)

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Excellent! I’m glad it turned out to be a good buy!

Question on Hospices wine- How much influence does the wine maker you choose after you buy the barrel have on the wine? I thought the wine is basically finished before the you buy it at auction, then you choose the winemaker to bottle it a couple years later. Any info would be appreciated. We just had our first child, and I was thinking of bidding on a lot in November for him.

Sorry for the drift.

I had the PYCM 08 version of this about 6 months ago and it was incredible. It was also one of the better wines at the Don Cornwell 08 tasting. Must be something in this cute, but Roulot and PYCM are great winemakers also.

This was a great buy man. I can’t wait to try one :wink:

So YOU were the person that bought that full case offered by K&L! Congrats, because it’s a great wine.

The Genevrieres Cuvee Baudot seems to be an insider’s wine among the burgundy winemakers. We had the 2007 version from Roulot in last year’s 2007 vintage assessment dinners and the 2008 version from Colin-Morey in this year’s dinners. Both were really good wines. My notes on both are below.

While I generally preferred the 2007 Meursaults to the 2008 Meursaults by a small margin, I thought the 2008 version of the HDB Geneverieres was actually the better of the two. It was the overwhelming winner on Night One of this year’s tastings.

#15 [2007 Hospices de Beaune-Roulot Meursault Genevrieres Cuvee Baudot]
Medium gold color; apple and pear aromas; this is a very forward, voluptuous and densely fruited wine; mostly pears on the palate; there is a decent amount of acidity that shows up late; very minerally finish. Group Rank: 14th, 4 pts (0/0/0/2/0) 94

#16 [2008 Colin-Morey Meursault Genevrieres Hospice de Beaune Cuvee Baudot]
Medium gold color; aromas of lemon oil and minerals that you could smell; very intense citrus and pear flavors with very bright acidity and a long sweet fruit finish with plenty of acidity and minerality. A very tightly compacted Meursault. Group Rank: 1st place, 55 points (9/1/2/0/0). 95

I do not know much about variability between the different cuvees, but every bottle of the 2005 Meursault Genevrières Cuvée le Bon Bouchard (Hospices Auction Group) has been outstanding and each one is better than the one before as it matures.

It is a good wine when it is. Had a full case and have worked through 11 bottles. 7 beautiful ones and 4 prematurely oxidized ones.


The auction is held in mid-November each year, so it takes place only one to two months after the harvest. So at the point the wines are sold, they haven’t even started malo-lactic fermentation. I’m not sure how quickly after the auction the barrels sold are disbursed to the winery chosen to do the elevage. My understanding is that all of the Hospices wines are in new barrels. I am aware of some instances in which the wine producer receiving the HDB wines for elevage immediately transferred the wine to older barrels to avoid having an excessively oaked wine. I don’t know how frequently this occurs, but it would definitely be one factor in the elevage. How cold the cellars are may affect the length of the M/L and, of course, how long you let the wine stay in wood, as well as racking, fining, filtration and sulfiting decisions all have impacts as well.

Have the Hopsice whites had any PremOx issues? I ask because a) I have a chunk of 07 Meursault Charmes Bahezre de Lanlay (Maison Champy) that has thus far been lovely. b) if there is an issue and it is producer dependent, we have a few more answers as where the critical essence of the issue begins.


It’s a good question, but I don’t know the answer. I’ve never tried to track HDB lots in the data.

I have almost no experience with auction wines, but the whole premise seems contrary to the notion of wine growers controlling and overseeing the vines during the growing season, making harvest and fermentation decisions. By the time the wines are in the hands of the end winemaker, 99% of the job is done.

Sure Alan, but that “1%”, though…if it was that simple, buying Burgundy would be a lot easier.

I don’t think most of the issues raised around PremOx come from “wine growing”, but from elevage, and it seems that lot of producers who have dodged the issue and a lot who have suffered/inflicted it may have shared access to, if not the exact same barrels, the exact same lots of them from HdB.

I am in love with this vineyard.

Opened another bottle…yes you can do this without question or reason when you have a case [wink.gif] …….and when I pulled the cork, I noticed the top part of the cork was clean as a whistle…as compared to the first bottle, which was topped with mold. So….no mold…I planned for the pox [cry.gif] …see Chuck Miller post here:

….but……fresh and tasty as the first!! [dance-clap.gif] Sorry Chuck……2 for 2 [highfive.gif]

I have the 2005 and 2006 Hospices Auction Group Meusaults and I have not had a whiff of premox after drinking about a case of them over the past few years. Now no one jinx me.

Well…someone seems to know what they’re doing with white burgundy through the premox era…this is the 6th bottle I’ve had from a case bought a year ago…ALL have been in tip top shape! Well, gave one away…how was your bottle Edson? Another no molded cork…creamy lime and peach fruit, green apple tartness, chalky limestone, flower florals, grey salt…consistent with its age…honey, marzipan, sautéed pear with gorgonzola…all fresh with a coat of Meursault smoke, citrus and minerality. A “gift that keeps on giving” purchase!

Thanks for the update Buzz. I’m planning on bringing mine home from storage soon.

Genevrières could be my favorite white burg climat…easily capable of reaching grand cru quality.

Love love genevrieres. Henri Boillot’s version is their best 1er to me, same as PYCM.