TN: 2007 Guy Roulot Meursault Perrieres

Taking one for the team…

I love JM Roulots wine making style, a deft touch, a lightness and pure essence of fruit.

This wine actually showed beautifully, the acid is in balance and the wine has a beautiful sherbety mouthfeel, long, prescise and well balanced. Like a graceful balerina. Love it.

Will no doubt flesh out and gain extra depth and that meursault wild edge, but it drank beautifully tonight.

No regrets.

Along with Coche and Lafon, there can be no better producers in Meursault.


agree w/everything you wrote. Fabulous producer, just doesn’t make enough to go around these days. The 99s were amazing. Not too much premox, either . . .

The 96 is to die for… [berserker.gif]

Roulot are one of my favourite producers, stunningly pure wines that are elegant yet age beautifully. Had a bottle of the 91 ‘Vireuils’ at the Melbourne wine room today, outstanding wine from a lessor vintage that blossomed in the glass.

Thanks for the note on the 07 Perrieres, can’t wait to taste one.

Best Regards

Had an '00 last night. Was just fabulous…

Love this guy’s wines…

Ah yes, the good ole MWR…I plundered a fair few good wines from their cellars over the years!

Am now based up in Singapore full time, so if ever in the region, look me up!