TN: 2007 Evesham Wood Eola-Amity Hills Pinot Noir

In the glass, this shows a rich translucent magenta color. The nose is a seductive mixture of red cherry and strawberry, with hints of asian spice, cedar and vanilla. Impecable balance and good acidity on the palate, giving way to refined tannins on the finish. I assume that this will shut down at some point, but it is a pleasure to drink now, in it’s youth, and should have a long life ahead. IMHO, a very good QPR at $22. 91 points for me. My wife enjoyed it also. This disappeared in a few hours.

My small stash was hammered within a few months.


Thanks for the TN Greg. Cracked one of these last night, along with an 07 EW Willamette Valley bottling. Both were very reticent at first, nose and palate. However, the Eola-Amity came around rather nicely. Not quite thin, but very ethereal. Not quite bitter, but with bracing acidity. The WV bottling veered slightly into the negative side of both the thin/bitter quality. The question is what is the upside to these wines? Do they have more in the tank? Or should I have consumed them all within the first year? I have 3 more of each so I suppose I shall find out . . . these are certainly not everyone’s cup o’ tea, sort of on the anti flavor wine elite end of the spectrum . . . .

Thanks for the note. I guess I didn’t get that one. I did get the La Grive Bleue which is Eola-Amity as well … and also a steal at $21.

I did like the WV bottling as well although it has been over a year since I tried one. I plan on digging one out soon.


I don’t see a lot of upside for these entry level EWs but I expect them to go strong for another 3-5 years. Although they may have some minor peaks and valleys. But who knows.


My spies tell me the '08 version of this wine is nothing short of stunning. Given how good the '08 Illahe is, I’m waiting with bated breath for its release later this coming week. Apparently less than $20, too.

Seems about right for bottlings in this price range, and is in line with what I assumed when I bought these. Was just worried they might have already peaked . . . we shall see . . .

Based on the balance, acidity and tannins that the bottle last night showed, this has not peaked. Jason’s 3-5 year estimate sounds very reasonable to me.

Vinopolis has them listed for $18.90 – March 5th delivery. If as good as advertised, that is a great buy.