TN 2007 Drouhin Chambertin-Clos De Beze Grand Cru

Young and stunning. Paired with rack of lamb. Seductive nose of strawberry,mushroom,old dusty garage floors. In the mouth absolutley amazing delicacy, lithe and mouthfilling without being a bit heavy. Flavors of ripe rich red fruits and an amazing finish that coated the entire mouth and throat for minutes.My wife got me a bit of this for our anniversary so we said why not ?


Nice note on this wine. This is a Drouhin grand cru I rarely see or see notes on. So nice to read yours.

Happy Anniversary.

Al Fenster

God in heaven this sounds good…

It was Anthony and I cant wait to revisit another bottle a bit later.

I have a single bottle Clos de Beze (from Faiveley).
Never tried it, but man is your note tempting me…

What year is your bottle Dan?

2001 I think.

I think Drouhin knocked it out of the park in 2007. Your note on the CdB sounds amazing. The Petits Monts-I ordered three more bottles today- was also stunning to my taste.