TN: 2007 Domaine Vincent Paris St. Joseph (France, Rhône, Northern Rhône, St. Joseph)

  • 2007 Domaine Vincent Paris St. Joseph - France, Rhône, Northern Rhône, St. Joseph (12/13/2009)
    Day 1 was overbearing acidity. Day 2 it opened up nicely. Lovely olive, spice, meat and dark fruits on the nose. Deliciously fruity and gamey on the palate. Very nice wine, though not showing as well as the last time (it was boffo!). Very good.

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I had a chance to taste this wine at an in store event and it failed to impress me.
Spritzy and disjointed is how I remember it. Who knows, maybe it would have improved with air. It was popped and poured.

Night 1 on this bottle was popnpour. The previous time I had this I had it open for 2-3 hours before drinking. Huge difference.