TN: 2007 Domaine Charvin Côtes du Rhône (Le Poutet)

  • 2007 Domaine Charvin Côtes du Rhône (Le Poutet) - France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Côtes du Rhône (3/25/2010)
    This was my 3rd taste of a 2007 and the first one that really lit my fire. Massively concentrated, liquid garrigue, peppery and intense, screaming Provencale herbs and spice. Very pretty wine. (92 pts.)

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It’s a really really good 2007 - one of his best CdR’s for years, and a bargain at the price.

(disclaimer: I am a unabashed Charvin lover and have this on my list)

The 2007 CDR’s are excellent across the board. Last night we had an Olivier Hillaire that was in a sweet spot. Thanks for the heads up on the Charvin. Will keep an eye out since I can purchase some daily drinkers and QPR’s.

This was my third 2007, the other 2 being the Mordoree RDB Lirac and the Pegau. Frankly based on the first two I was getting worried that the vintage was too over the top for me. This Charvin was a confidence restorer. Looking back at my old notes I don’t know why I haven’t traditionally tracked down more of this CDR each year, as I always like it.

So one would then assume that Charvin is more ‘old world’ in style, not following the Parker-esque styling that made this the vintage of the universe?

If so, that’s fantastic to hear, as Charvin is a very popular and potentially influential wine, and it could pull the market back to what was traditional for hundreds of years, away from the fruit-shakes.

I love screaming provencale herbs. I will have to try this wine, if I can find it locally.


This wine is ALL about the herbs. Just very pure. A bit bigger than past vintages. Crazy tasty at $20.

Eric, I tried this last year. I was bad, and apparently didn’t write a note for it, I just remember not being impressed enough to want to buy more. Maybe I need to try it again.