TN: 2007 Abeja Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

I was really excited to open and drink this wine. I remember reading the review and corresponding monster score from Wine Enthuiast back in the day when it was first released. Back then, Washington wines not named Quilceda Creek generally didn’t get particularly high scores, so the 97 points back then really surprised me. Additionally, I already love Abeja’s Cabs, so I was immediatley of the mindset of, “I gotta get some.” Well, I waited and then the wine was all but impossible to find. Fast forward to last year, and I saw our very own Scott Tallman listing one for sale in Commerce Corner. Done! I love how Abeja only makes Reserve wines in years when they feel the juice is worthy of the designation. I wish more wineries that use, “Reserve” would do that.

Quick TN: Not decanted. Consumed in GGG stems. This has developed lovely secondary notes of earth and moist tobacco. Lovely sweet cherry and black currant fruit, a touch of licorice, and a very elegant, perfectly-balanced mouthfeel. Very long finish. I think this is at peak now and will be good for a few years yet. Just delicious, and it was everything I had hoped it would be.

Nice, Brandon. Even though Molly and John have moved on from Abeja, they’ve been able to keep the Bacchus fruit source and still put out a great cab under the Devonna label.

Good to know, John. I signed up for Devona when they announced it, but haven’t tasted any or purchased any. Have you had tastes of any of the Devona wines yet?

Yup. I’ve bought a couple of year’s worth of the pinots, and one year of the chards, and tasted thru the set with John including some barrel samples a couple of years ago. the Chard is basically the same as the Abeja–very good for washington chard. the pinots are quite good, a little on the muscular side, which may be more the grape sources than the wine making, although one wonders about if there’s a little carryover from a cab/merlot maker switching to pinot. I’ve decided to let mine sit for a few more years. The cab barrel sample was very impressive/delicious, although I haven’t bought any since I don’t really drink much in the way of cab or bordeaux blends any more, and still have plenty.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll have to grab a few.

Had this a couple years ago on a fishing trip, consensus wine of the week.John and Molly are great people, John might be the most underrated winemaker in Wa., especially with Cab and Merlot.Lucky to have a few 05&07 reserves left.

John is really a great winemaker, and one of the nicest guys on the planet. When we were there last, he had several other folks’ wines in the cellar. People who were just getting started, but also people who’s wines need help, that he was trying to resurrect out of the goodness of his heart.

Now, his Devona wines are under the radar. He doesn’t submit them for the reviewers (what’s the point? they will sell most off the list, and what’s the value of getting a review and a number from someone who doesn’t really knw or understand what you are doing?) so his current wines don’t get much airtime.