TN: 2006 Tercero - Grenache Blanc - Camp 4 Vineyard - (CA, Central Coast, Santa Ynez Valley)

NOSE: moderately expressive, showing some petrol alongside a hint of red Twizzlers; a bit oxidized with a hint of butterscotch/caramel; a touch of oak; not very complex.

BODY: pale brownish-tinged yellow color; medium-light to medium bodied; clear.

TASTE: oily mouthfeel with wonderful Rhone minerality in abundance; hints of papaya, pineapple and oak; not fresh - some might say “tiring”, but I thoroughly enjoy this right where it’s at - interesting character; not dry; no alcohol taste from the 13.5% alc., but it is a bit hot in the stomach; a bit sweet; most of the action is on the front palate, with a hole at the back of the mid-palate; finish is of good length (40-45 sec.). I really like this. Drink now or over the next year or two.

B: 50, 5, 11, 16, 7 = (89 pts.)

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Thanks for the notes on this puppy as well! My first wine made ‘way back’ in 06 . . . bottled in 07 but largely ‘unreleased’ because I started selling my 07’s at the same time as this bottling . . .

It certainly is ‘not for everyone’ but it is an interesting one for sure (-: And Bob Lindquist at Qupe really liked it - so at least I have THAT going for me [berserker.gif]


NOSE: slight petrol with a gentle oxidative wash; banana leaf; sawdust; not complex.

BODY: pale tan-yellow color; medium to medium-full bodied.

TASTE: sugarless peanut butter; slight petrol and oxidative notes; solid minerality; hints of honeysuckle, light cherry and mango; 13.5% alc. is barely noticeable – only a bit on the gums after swallowing; pretty dry; medium-long to long finish (46 - 61 sec.); not complex; mature - drink over next two years.

B: 50, 5, 11, 15, 7 = (88 pts.)

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NOSE: applesauce; background hint of petrol; Anjou pear; smells like it’s going to be a little sweet; moderate to moderate-very expressive; hint of Australian black licorice emerges around the 3 hour mark.

BODY: tan-golden yellow core, lightening to clear at the edges; medium to medium-full bodied; oily mouthfeel.

TASTE: definite aged character here; lanolin; minerally; moderate mid-palate alcohol taste; oily, but dry; fruit is mostly gone from the palate now; not crisp; at its best around cellar temp – at colder temperatures, it lost lots of its personality and detail; 13.5% alc.; medium to medium-long finish (35 – 45 sec.) of moderate intensity. Drink now or over the next year, maybe two.

B: 50, 5, 13, 14, 7 = (89 pts.)

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This has held up better than I thought it would. Thanks, Larry! [cheers.gif]

2006 Tercero Grenache Blanc Camp 4 Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Ynez Valley (7/9/2018)
– cracked and poured –
– tasted non-blind over 2 – 3 hours –

NOSE: pleasantly tertiary; reminds me of LdH or other traditional Viura; hint of very ripe pineapple; rubber tubing note and slight woodsy tone.

BODY: light maize color; medium bodied.

TASTE: a bit oxidative; 13.5% alc. is moderately noticeable on taste; definitely tastes aged; hint of petrol; dry; I’ve always enjoyed this wine, and still find it nice to this day. That said, I do believe it’s best to Drink Now, as the fruit is falling away leaving mineral and alcohol behind.

A blast from the past, my friend!

This is the very first wine that I ever made - no, I wasn’t 13 like Morgan was but it was a while ago :slight_smile:

I’m really happy with how this wine is holding up - it’s not a ‘fresh’ GB but instead, to me, is now more like an aged riesling. The petrol notes are pretty strong - as I’ve said before, I believe that GB has TDN, but no one has ever studied it.

I’m glad I have a few cases left to continue to follow - and will be bringing some to a smallish dinner I’m doing in OC in a few weeks with a few berserkers (space may still be available if interested) . . .