TN: 2006 Taittinger Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs Comtes de Champagne

Needed something appropriate for Opening Day, so opened this to go with the Yankees/Blue Jays game.

This was just right for the occasion, and a stunning wine to follow over an afternoon. Lots of ripe, intense citrus and white fruit upfront accented by biscuit and yeasty notes, turning more minerally and chalky on the back end. There’s impressive power and richness here, but also fantastic cut - there’s a crisp and racy feel to the fruit, and it feels very light despite the intensity of flavour. Fantastic wine, and even more enjoyable while watching Stanton hit a couple out of the park.

Score: 117, which is about how hard (in mph) Stanton hit his first home run [cheers.gif].

Nice! Agreed on this one.

Perhaps 117 is the new 93 :slight_smile:

Go Jays.

I’m having a really hard time aging these puppies. Tastes so good right now.

Why do you have to be this way? Such a downer. neener

Seriously though, sounds like a really nice wine Salil. Do you have more?

Yes, have more in the wine fridge. If Stanton keeps hitting this way I suspect we’ll be drinking a few more of these in the coming months.

(Now I’m debating whether I should buy a Sanchez road jersey or a Stanton one.)

Ah the enduring questions in life, how does one even begin to formulate an answer?

This suggests a drinking game I could get behind: Whenever Stanton hits a homer, pop a Taittinger CdC. Hey I’m not picky, doesn’t have to be a 2006 :wink:.

completely agree

great note; love this wine

I’d be down with that, but RIP our wallets and livers.

Exciting start for the Yanks!

Side question: if you could get the PPeters Chetillons and the Taittinger CdC for the same price (actually the Chetillons is a few bucks cheaper), which would you buy?

17 drank, 43 to go. Not sure if I should have bought more than 5 cases. Good champagne!

Generally prefer CdC to Chetillons, all else equal. I like Chetillons, but I’m yet to have a real “wow” experience with any vintage. I’ve had several with Taittinger, mostly with some age but this was spectacularly good young.

+1. CdC is better than Chetillons now that they’re basically the same price.

Mind you, the first labelled bottle of Chetillons is, I think, 1998. Before that it was the Cuvee Speciale or somesuch.

I just got three more of these. The best thing about them is that I showed up at the wine shop to pick up something else and they gave me three of these. I had forgotten about them, AND I HAD ALREADY PAID FOR THEM SO THEY WERE FREE! I may open one on Monday night, depending on results. GO BLUE!

Agree on this Champagne. My few bottles were happily consumed.

Since my team is the Red Sox, no Champagne was opened here yesterday.

On behalf of of all of us I thank you [blush.gif]

But everyone really needs to age at least some of these.

I bought only mags - much easier to hold off :slight_smile: