TN: 2006 Taittinger Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs Comtes de Champagne (France, Champagne)

  • 2006 Taittinger Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs Comtes de Champagne - France, Champagne (12/15/2016)
    Mmmmmm this is tasty! Like taking a razor blade through a pillow…the citrus is SO fresh and alive, tingles the palate with tiny popping bubbles…I always wanted to invent the Champagne Pop Rocks candy!..lemon, ginger, bosc pear…then this amazing pillow softness(like a reddi whip hit) comforts with a coating of creme…vanilla, lite caramel, bread dough…and all the great terroir likes of burgundy brings to the chard grape with the savory minerality, chalky limestone dust…floral pretties as well. Youthful fo sho right now, but the texture is where it’s at! Flavors are tasty, but age will bring out the OMG’s…you definitely need a LOT of these in the cellar! +pts (96 pts.)

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Love the note. Year in and year out, Taittinger CdC is one of the best values in champagne. I own a few cases of the 06 but still haven’t tasted it. Clearly that needs to change.

Great note! Well done.

I have a few of these resting.

I was reading your note and planning to say “you neglected to mention the texture,” but you came through at the end. This is my wine of the year.

Damn Brian, had me drooling! Cheers!

Note to self: Never sleep at Buzzini’s home.


Tasted it two weeks ago, and completely agree.

Agree on year in and year out, but the 2006 is my favorite of the decade so far. Really looking forward to seeing how it is in 2008. And seeing how the 2006 develops over the course of the next 15 years.

Thanks for the motivation guys. We finally opened two bottles of the 2006 last night. You are right, this is seriously good Comtes. Sometime this winter we’ll taste a trio of the 2002, 2004, and 2006. That should be a great vertical.

I wish these were not such a pain in the ass to store in my cellar. These, Gimmonet, Drappier–all just jammed into space so I can shut the outside doors.

Totally agree. They are a pain in a**. I tend to keep them in empty wooden cases on the floor.

Nice note. Running to get one now.

The 06 is amazing. Best bdb at the price. Especially at Golden8wines’ price of a $100 a btl. No brainer

Picked up two bottles earlier this year. Opened one to sample and immediately bought another 6-pack. A winner.

Last week, cracked open a bottle…Intense, elegant, citrus, linear, much verve…absolutely delicious.

My Costco has the 05. Any comparisons between the 2? Hold out for the 06 or grab a couple 05’s??

06 is SO much better. How much is the 05 at costco? I just grabbed the 06 for $100 two weeks ago.

Thanks man, that’s kinda what I figured based on the unanimous praise.

It was slightly over $100 if I remember correctly. Maybe $115 or so??

I did the old ‘dig through the cases under the bins’ move to see if they had 06, but no dice (come on…don’t act like you’ve never done it before)

Oh i dug for a long time for 96. Every time i went.

Always funny when you get those WTF are you doing looks from pretty much everyone nearby. Maybe I should start wearing my Berserker pin every time I go to Costco :slight_smile: