TN: 2006 Roulot Bourgogne Blanc

After reading some hype surrounding the producer, then reading a passage in Nossiter’s latest book (which isnt worth buying IMO but I almost always finish books I start) and finally having tasted the 07 at Taillevent…I stumbled across some 06 Blanc in a NH Liquor store and cleaned it out.

I dont collect/buy much Chardonnay aside from Champagne, but I definitely appreciate well-made bottles.

For an AOC white, it certainly isnt cheap in the high-$20s, but this definitely tastes more pedigreed than it’s humble label. I’ll have to dig around to see where the grapes are sourced or if it’s declassified Meursault.

The wine shows some interesting complexity in the form of its oily texture and hints of nuttiness and it’s quite a balanced effort. One to put on your radar if you arent interested in shelling out a lot of $ on old world chardonnay.

+1 Peter. Tasted both, went back and bought more.


I preferred the 04 and the 07 to the 05 and 06, which to my palate were slightly riper than I prefer. Still, fantastic juice if in the low/mid-$20s.

Jean-Marc has a small (2.45 hectare) vineyard adjacent to his Meursault vineyards that he has dedicated to producing Bourgogne Blanc. The beauty is that he treats this vineyard, its grapes, and vinification as if it were one of his Meursault vineyards, so it ends up tasting “higher” than its pedigree would imply. Love this stuff!

Nice info PT, you’re the man!