TN: 2006 Ravenswood Icon, Mixed Blacks

Wifes Bday weekend in Tucson and this is one of the bottles I popped. I’ve had plenty of Ravenswood zins that have aged incredibly well (96 Monte Rosso zin last year was amazing!), so I was confident this mixed black field blend would be singing at 12 years of age. Unfortunately, that didn’t turn out to be the case. Not a ‘bad’ wine, but it has literally lost any trace of fruit that it once had and is now marked by very bitter, earthy type notes, and a smokey, old leather finish. Again, I didn’t hate it (my wife definitely did), but not at all what I was expecting, and definitely not going to get any better. Luckily we popped a 12 Bedrock Papera next and ‘totally redeemed ourselves’ (que additional stepbrothers quotes here). Notes on that to follow.

I’ve tasted a few vintages of the Icon and don’t appreciate it either. Now that I996 Monte is a thing of beauty and one of my early wow wine experience.

Sorry for the disappointment. :frowning:

I suspect that the “Icon” red wine was not a top-tier bottling initially for Ravenswood, but I definitely could be wrong.

Back in my retail days, the wine sold for waaay less than it currently costs. I don’t even think that it was a mix of grapes - just Syrah. It did happen to have the engraved look.

I know that I tried it, but the memory has been lost in the passage of time. I believe that the price was ~$20/btl around the 2002 vintage. We could have mismarked the price tag, come to think about it…

Thanks Drew. Luckily we brought plenty of other wine with us, so we we didn’t lose too much sleep over this bottle :wink:

I agree that the retail price on the Icon is pretty steep. Luckily I grabbed this one for pretty cheap as t auction, but it still wasn’t worth what I paid. And as for your syrah comment, they also make an Icon that is syrah based, in addition to the mixed blacks.