TN: 2006 R. Chevillon NSG Roncieres

A pretty, accessible, floral and dark-red fruit dominated aroma, with a strong topnote of spice, woodsmoke, and dark earth.

On the palate, the immediate impression is a wide expression of juicy midweight dark cherry and blood orange, supple and giving. Yet there is a certain lack in the midpalate, admittedly quickly forgotten due to the swirl of fruit and earth flavors, yet I would like to see more depth and texture there to make this truly outstanding. .

Quite a contrast to the 2004 Chevillon NSG Perrieres from yesterday, which was not nearly so fleshy and broad and had more high-toned red fruit, and high acidity.

I see the 2004 as lasting longer than this 2006, but never being so welcoming.

This wine is enjoyable to drink now.