TN: 2006 Pax Richards Family Vineyard Syrah

I opened last night and decanted it a few hours before drinking. The first glass was hard as nails and difficult to enjoy. There was an astringency to the entry that wouldn’t go away. So I forgot about the wine for a while and went back to it three hours later. Still tight, at least the astringency was for the most part gone. At that point I could smell the floral, peppery nose and taste the melange of red raspberries, bacon fat and saddle leather I was hoping for when I opened this. I guess you can call me Mr. Dumas for opening this too early.

On day 2, the wine has softened considerably and has no spine left. The flavors are all there, however, and it is easier to enjoy now than last night. I was really hoping to be blown away by this bottle, but in the end I was merely relieved that it calmed down enough to be enjoyable after many hours of air. I think this needs at least two more years.

Thanks for the data point brad. I have wanted to open one of these lately but your note will help me keep my hands off of them. I tasted this out of barrel some time ago with tyler thomas and was blown away; this tasting aided in my purchase of 3 bottles.

i’m in the same boat - everytime i go in the cellar, i’m tempted to grab one! But like Rico, i guess I’ll hold off too

It’s hard to resist those green wax caps. I have two bottles left, and I’m burying them.