TN: 2006 Novy Family Wines Syrah Rosella's Vineyard

  • 2006 Novy Family Wines Syrah Rosella’s Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Lucia Highlands (11/23/2009)
    A little too sweet for my liking, not sure if it is a concentration of fruit or a ripeness thing. Big, broad bold dark flavors with some citrus elements & meat elements in the background. Built on a smooth, suave enjoyable texture. I can see why this was scored so highly. I’m just not a big fan of SLH Syrah and this helps to confirm that. (90 pts.)

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Tim, thanks for the TN. I drank a bottle of this about 3 weeks ago and for me, it hit the spot dead on. I did not find it sweet but rather dark, full bodied and full of flavor. Just for reference point, what syrah producers hit your target spot, which bottlings? I enjoy talking CA syrah if you want to fire back some thoughts.

I agree wholeheartedly on the full of flavor. Might just be perceiving that as “sweetness”. I think it has everything to do with SLH in general. I can’t remember any syrah that I’ve really liked from there. Plus, I love Novy’ page-nord, so I don’t think it is a procucer thing.

I’m a big Carlisle, Saxum, Lillian syrah guy. Saxum is my clear favorite, but I just haven’t had as many Carlisle’ with any bottle age to them. I tend to like syrah from the SRH, Paso, Napa and RRV areas. The only thing I like more than syrah is Cali Pinot from the SC, AV and SCM areas.

OK. Lesson learned here. Don’t rush to judgement. Just poured a glass and the nose is killer, really nice smokey and roasted meat notes. The “sweet” element has faded some and there is an almost savory flavor weaving through the fruit. I still get a little hint of sweetness on the finish. But a MUCH more enjoyable bottle. I’m digging this.

A local retailer has this offered at $35 but when he tasted, he had same first day impressions you had. So I didn’t get it. maybe…

Based on how much I enjoyed it last night…IMHO well worth the $35. Maybe open, pour a taste, recork and come back to it the next day.