TN: 2006 Mugnier Chambolle-Musigny Les Fuees

Amazing stuff

2006 Mugnier Chambolle-Musigny Les Fuees

A wonderful nose of sexy cherry fruit. Young Chambolle!
The palate is at once rich and sexy. Light and refreshing.
The cherry fruit carries through to an extremely long finish.
A profound wine in the making.

Nice Don. Thanks for sharing your notes. I’ve got a few of these waiting on my shelf at my favorite wine shop. [basic-smile.gif]

Thanks Don! I am looking forward to popping more 06s.

I bought 05 Mugniers, and sadly, only bought the 2006 NSG. Love these wines, and when bought at release prices (or close outs, as the 06s were in NY/NJ) are real bargins.

Too bad I didn’t buy this. Just dumb.

2006 Mugnier was on closeout in NY?

I need a new sales rep.

Not what I would call traditional close out, but most of their 2006 Burgs were as much as 20% off.

I had this in a restaurant in Beaune about six weeks ago and it showed rather simply compared to earlier experiences. A week later, Lolo at Caves Madeleine told me he had taken all his 2006 Mugniers (and various other 2006s) off his list because they were shutting down. Interestingly, though, a 2005 Clos de la Maréchale drunk in Beaune restaurant about 3-4 weeks ago was open and just lovely.

There was no problem with the wines shutting down at an 06 tasting at my place last night. They need more time, to be sure, but they were a pleasure – many like Don’s experience. I only wish the prices weren’t so hefty.

The list was:

Chevillon Nuits-Roncieres
Arnoux Nuits-Les Corvees-Paget
Grivot Vosne-Beauxmonts
Bruno Clavelier Vosne - Les Brulees
Raphet - Clos de Vougeot
Fourrier Morey - Clos Salon
D’Angerville Volnay - Taillepieds
Courcel Pommard Grand Clos des Epenots

That’s a great selection of vineyards for '06. I have had some issues in Gevrey, Chambolle and to a lesser extent Volnay. Meanwhile, Vosne, Vougeot and Nuits seem like the real sweet spot for this variable vintage.

Any other thoughts on these? Specifically the Chevillon, Grivot, Clavelier, Fourrier, d’Angerville, I ask rather selfishly?

I think my personal '06 drinking (apart from Bourgogne Rouge) is slowly winding to a close for now, apart from a few stragglers still arriving which I’ll taste before putting the rest to sleep. Time to move on to '07.

I do wonder if crossing the ocean causes quite considerable changes in the maturity trajectory of a wine.

I think it does in some cases Tom.
Not sure the reason since most ship temperature controlled in reefers.

It was not as complex as I expected but with aeration this was incredibly enjoyable and still had a great finish.
I think all the components are there for a great ride.
I have stopped also on the 06’s except for my exploratory openings. This was one of those since it was one of the last to arrive for me.
Have a great holiday.

Collin, good point. I am starting to think this is the case. Several recent 06s that were shining a few months back are starting to close up (Bachelet and Fourrier, to be precise). I am holding off on opening any more for a while and either opening Village and Premier 05s (I’ve heard some are coming around already or at least drinking nicely) or earlier years.

It certainly does. I can’t pin it down exactly for Burgundy, but many years ago, when I avidly tasted Bordeaux, I noted that it had the effect of aging the wines by two years, a result independently noted by a Bordeaux producer/negociant who spends a lot of time in California and a California importer.

Moreover, the wines, great as some may be, do not remain as pristine as they do on the other side of the pond.

Yes, it’s not total shutdown mode, they’re just losing a lot of their depth and complexity. The Mugnier wasn’t the only example; had the same observation for a Ligier-Belair Vosne-Romanée Clos du Château when I was in Burgundy. On the other hand, my notes for some other 2006s, e.g. Domaine de l’Arlot Nuits-Clos des Forêts St-Georges and Nuits-Clos de l’Arlot, also in Burgundy, were exactly as a year ago.

Great note… One of my favorite producers in Burgundy. Haven’t had the 06’ Fuees yet but an 06’ village Chambolle was delightful a few months back. Freddy made awesome wines in 06…

Claude…when I first saw this thread I immediately thought of this.