TN: 2006 Louis M. Martini Zinfandel Gnarly Vine Zinfandel Monte Rosso Vineyard

From one of the world’s greatest and most distinctive vineyards, planted in the 1880s. This vineyard is distinguished not just by its age, but by its elevation (1000’) and charactistic red soil.

The vines were originally planted in 1886. An special year - Charles Hall files a patent for his process of turning aluminium oxide into molten aluminium! (92 pts.)

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Had dinner and stayed with Jake Terrell-Vineyard Manager of MR, and lives in the original ranch house with his wife and two sweet kids. It is an amazing vineyard with some awesome views.

Monte Rosso seems to be highly underrated. Sometimes these wines are SO cheap versus lesser Napa counterparts.

Ravenswood used to do amazing things with Monte Rosso fruit, and Biale is doing a great job with it now, if in a bit of a heavy-handed way which is trendy.

Here’s Monte Rosso last year in the late afternoon.
And one of the really old vines.

Hi Mike, thanks for the note. The Ravenswood Monte Rosso was one of my first loves in California wine, and starting 2010 we can look forward to Bedrock taking up that torch.

Here’s a shot from Spring 2010 of the Bedrock Semillon block from which comes the Lachryma Montis and part of the Cuvée Caritas: