TN: 2006 Jemrose Syrah Cardiac Hill Bennett Valley

  • 2006 Jemrose Syrah Cardiac Hill Bennett Valley - USA, California, Sonoma County, Bennett Valley (9/4/2011)
    It’s been almost two years to the day since I last had this and noted a strong oak presence then. On this day I decanted for 1 hour and drank over 3. Strong nose of fresh asphalt and heat. Palate is very rich dark fruit, some iron notes and small woodsy bitter note on the finish. I wonder if the woodsy note that put me off the last time I had this and seems much more manageable this go around might be the stem inclusion? This is a big rich wine that although isn’t something I reach for all that often anymore is drinking just fine now. Nice example of higher octane Bennett Valley Syrah.

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Joe, Wqas it an 06 or an 07? The photo you included shows 07.

'06 Bud, auto CT photo.


The Jemrose style has been dialed in very nicely by Jim, and 2006 was the first vintage I believe he bottled with Michael making the wine. I believe he now has the wines closer to what he is striving for and I will continue to buy them–more acid, more juiciness, balance. As I told you Joe, I have the 2009 teed up for tonight and will open it a bit later and give it some air.

Jim seems very pleased to have Russell Bevan as his new winemaker.

I have no doubt this is all true and am interested in tasting the newer wines (I only purchased the '06’s) Maybe I should remedy this.

Bud, I would love to try the Russell made Cardiac Hill.