TN: 2006 Domaine Leflaive Chevalier-Montrachet

  • 2006 Domaine Leflaive Chevalier-Montrachet - France, Burgundy, Côte de Beaune, Chevalier-Montrachet Grand Cru (6/22/2021)
    Well…not wanting to risk this bottle in a tasting with friends, and definitely not wanting to screw someone over by selling it…decided to pop the cork on a tues, with the wife away, just me and Leflaive hangin out…and hopefully enjoying the bottle to the end. 06 not a fav White Burgundy vintage for me, lot of flab and ripeness…and a very much maligned one for Leflaive, at the height of their POX woes. But there is always hope…and some people have had great experiences with this wine. Here it goes…not a good start as the cork breaks in half…smells of apple juice…shit…let sit for an hour…first pour…little dark, but not too so…smells of apple juice, yet a lemon brightness and chalky limestone…ok ok…taste…FRIGGIN OXED! Just can’t get around it…baked apples in vinegar…and a kick in the nuts while you are down…it’s edgy and harsh as well…and sugarfied with sweetness AND an alc burn! What a hot mess here…shame! To my friends, Winebid buyers, wife…who didn’t have to try this wine…you’re WELCOME!
    And to DOMAINE LEFLAIVE…all those thousands of bottles you reconditioned because you KNEW you had a problem…I want a sound replacement bottle…or at least my money back! The least you could do! Hit me up… NR (flawed)

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Sorry to hear the dice didn’t fall your way today.

Leflaive whites can be extraordinary
especially the early 1980s Montrachet
I will never buy them again
90% oxidation rate for me …

I’m drinking a 2018 Leflaive Chassagne-Montrachet as I write this. This is the first wine from this producer that I’ve ever had. It’s been a long time since I’ve encountered a Chardonnay with this much wood. Is this typical for Leflaive? Does the oak eventually integrate? There doesn’t seem to be sufficient fruit for that to happen.

Didn’t know they made a Chassagne? Is it Domaine Leflaive or Olivier Leflaive?

My bad, Olivier Laflaive. I didn’t know the difference.

Mr Buzz,

It looked really good from barrel, as did quite a few DL '06’s. Soon after bottling they looked over-ripe, sweet and peachy.


I feel for you Buzz. I had a couple of advanced bottles of this, but also a very “sound” one. That was really exciting, except it turned out that sound one was really just a pretty decent wine, bit too exotic, lacking the intensity and certainly the structure and finesse Chevalier should have. So if it makes you feel any better, even if this bottle hadn’t been advanced / premoxed, it would have been only marginally more enjoyable :slight_smile:!

Domaine Leflaive would have to shell out a LOT of $$$ if they wanted to make good to all those who have had oxidized bottles of Chevalier. I absolutely hate it when I’ve opened one and it’s shot.

I actually really enjoyed the hell out of a case of the 06 Mâcon-Verzé up until 5 years ago…only a couple clunkers, but for the most part a successful wine imo. To anyone…I’ll trade my Chevy for your Mâcon-Verzé! [wow.gif]

Yep, the '06 Mâcon-Verzé actually did drink really well for a few years, better than the Puligny wines.

Leflaive is too big a gamble for me. I am 82 years old and have past great experiences with Laflaive. I will not risk the chance now( over 50% for me) of bad wine for that much money.

Ending up drinking the whole bottle…will not succumb to the POX! [drinkers.gif]

You should read the latest RP note on this.

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