TN: 2006 Carlisle Syrah Rosella's Vineyard (USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Lucia Highlands)

This was the first bottling for Mike using Rosella’s fruit and I have let this bottle since release, which I believe was 2 years ago. Recalling the 2006 Roar Rosella’s, this wine showed leaner than past vintages, too. Anyway, I like what Mike got out of this and he allowed the terroir to show through.

  • 2006 Carlisle Syrah Rosella’s Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Lucia Highlands (3/30/2010)
    I will follow Mr Dildine with a TN, as he is the last in to the database–good work, Mike. In picking a bottle tonight, I was surprised that I had not logged a note on this wine so this made the choice easy. The TN here comes after about 90 mins of air with no decant. The aromatics for this wine are what I would call ‘voluptuous’. I spent time trying to appreciate the bouquet and what I came through with was bacon fat, pepper, flowers and some oak. It’s unique and broad. With the palate, to Mike’s point, the ruby grapefruit does come through with aeration and really drives through the finish. This is a wine where the Rosella’s citrus terroir shows. The fruit lacks for me some definition so let’s see how the resting time overnight in the bottle treats it…with 24 hours, the wine has settled in more, the nose less flamboyant and more even with pepper, garrigue, flowers and mint. Indeed, these are descriptors that are different than I listed last night and I think it just confirms my point about the wine settling in. The palate is much softer tonight, kind of softly plush with a raspberry creme note, garrigue, juiciness and lots of citrus in the long finish. I’ll have to say this is leaner, more savage in quality. As for aging potential, there is enough acidity to carry this wine and keep it fresh but the tannin is light and do I’d say peak through in 2011 and then through 2013. PS–don’t look or think fruit bomb here, that is not this wine.

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Nice Frank, how does this compare to the 2007 and 2008 Rosella?

Ki, it’s been 9 months since I tasted the 2007 and have yet to drink the 2008 (with there being zero notes on the wine in CT, too). I’d have to go back and drink the 2007 again, which I assume has evolved since last June so really I can’t compare anything for you.

I feel a bit crappy tonight but my palate is right so I am finishing the 2006, which shows some graphite tonight in the aromatics. Still plush, juicy and really I’d say this is the best showing over the last 3 nights and it has not faded a bit. Delicious and round, with lots of flavor and character. Very nice and thus, I’d offer a good decant should really help coax the entire wine out into view.

I finished up a bottle of the 08 tonight. Very much a Rosella’s wine. the grapefruit is present, although not as strong as other vintages. Good fruit on the second night and I kid you not, loads of chocolate to me. You all will have to decide for yourself. neener