TN: 2006 Cabot Vineyards Syrah (USA, California, North Coast, Humboldt County)

  • 2006 Cabot Vineyards Syrah - USA, California, North Coast, Humboldt County (12/9/2009)
    The classic Cabot cured meat/bacon coming through on the nose prominently, with a good dose of violets, which is an aspect I do not recall from other bottles - very rich, meaty nose, with just a touch of heat, barely perceptible. Good substantive mouthfeel - dark fruits, blueberries, smoked meat, soil and rocks - good earthy flavor profile overall, and well balanced. The finish is perhaps most impressive, actually, since it seamlessly flows from the palate to the finish, with just a hint of fine ripe tannic structure, fading to a nice dark fruit profile. A tremendous value. (92 pts.)

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what…no bacon fat?

This is not the ‘one barrel’, but the Humboldt County (I guess sort of the ‘estate’ Syrah), and my favorite other than the One Barrel…I’m likely buying another case.


I haven’t had this syrah, just the bacon fat…which i loved!

Their Syrahs typically give me a bacon note on some level. I think since they were kind enough to offer their special bottling here they sometimes are unfairly associated with ONLY that though. Hopefully people will explore their wines completely preconceived notions. They ARE making very good unique wines.

The Humboldt Syrah is our “Estate Syrah”, yet we’re not aloud to call it that because we are not in an official AVA. It is a single vineyard wine, from dry farmed, own rooted vines, aged on all 4-10 yr old French barrels.

very nice note, Todd … thank you for posting it! it reads very similar to my “One Barrel” note.

agreed on the quality and range of the wines. i started a thread a few days ago after i worked my way through a sampler pack" onclick=";return false;

It is a similar wine - the ‘Bacon Fat’ is, however, obviously more severe with the bacon aromas and flavors, and seems to be a ‘darker’ wine overall to me, in its flavor profile and mouthfeel in particular.

wait…todd…you hate wine ratings…but you rated the wine?



may sound odd, but I didn’t get any of the bacon in the one barrel – on the nose or palate – only smokiness. … of course, you probably prefer your bacon crispy, which would explain that difference … and others. [tease.gif]

I’ve explained it here many times (we have TWO search functions, btw, neener ) and it is for my own reference alone.

And, be it noted, these ratings can change from day-to-day… I’ve seen it happen.

I’ve liked the one bottle of Cabot I’ve tried… . I need to get my hands on some more, but without spending any more money… I need some help here…

LOL - jerk.


Believe I’ve had this at Family Winemakers SF (correct me John) and I was very impressed by the style. Great balance, structure, not over the top, good minerality. Love to see these wines down the road a bit.

Good job Cabboge…keep on doing what you’re doing up dere in Humboldt!

Thanks you guys. The little Syrah has really been struttin it’s stuff lately.

Professor Dietz,
Maybe we can get you on one of those Bryant Family kind of deals. Pay when you can. [wink.gif]

John… I’m just trying to get my tight-wad drinking buddies to open their cellar doors a crack… they seem to have no trouble getting into mine or, at least, encouraging me to get so drunk that I am their apparently willing vassal!! [whistle.gif]

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