TN: 2006 Belle Pente Pinot Noir Estate Reserve (USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley, Yamhill-Carlton)

  • 2006 Belle Pente Pinot Noir Estate Reserve - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley, Yamhill-Carlton (2/18/2010)
    This will be a mini TN. Opened last night to mark the passing of a very special man and a friend. Lovely last night, it continues to expand on the nose and palate. More smoke, more spice, more coffee and a bit of brown sugar (2006 sneaking in there). What an expression of ripe Pinot fruit that still includes enough acid and beautiful tea and mineral notes. Brian does a great job. Serious thumbs up. (92 pts.)

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This is a very fine wine - enjoyed it thoroughly at Pinot Days

Was Brian pouring the 05 or the 06? Very different wines. I have a couple bottles of the 06 I’m looking forward to opening.

What’s the 05 like? I see it available for a decent price.

Lovely and ageworthy. My preference to the riper 06.


Thanks Richard. One thing I didn’t note above was that I think the 06 Reserve is a wine to drink over the next couple of years. There is little or no tannin and it does show the typical softness of 06. But it is very tasty now and there is nothing wrong with that!

The very special man and friend I mentioned is described here:

The 2005 Murto was the consensus WOTN at a Pinot tasting I held a year and a half ago, beating out a couple of low-end GC Burgs. I love their stuff.

Agreed. I had a bunch of people come by my table at Pinot Days and urge me to drop everything to go taste the '05. They were right. Earth and elegance.

I love Belle Pente wines and think it is a great idea to open a special bottle to celebrate the life of such a special person. Thanks for sharing Chris.

Thanks Kimberly, he was quite a man. It was a bittersweet toast as he was suffering at the end.

BTW, I’m excited to open one of the Berserker special Cabot Syrahs after I let them rest a bit longer. From what I read I should probably start with the Humboldt County before wading into the Ana or your namesake versions?

Yes, Chris I think you are correct, start with the entry level Syrah and work your way up. It seems to be most readily available. I look forward to hearing your impression. Cheers!

Thanks for sharing Larry’s story.

Glad to hear the wine is drinking well. I would expect nothing less. I don’t recall tasting it but I would assume the 05 is a superior wine.


At the Pinot Days-So Cal on Jan 17, Brian’s wines were the ones I went back to/pestered most often, along with Fred Scherrer’s (to whom I bestowed “Pinot Of The Event” award for his Big Bruiser/Big Monster/whatever it was called… [dance-clap.gif] ) .

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Had the 05 about a month ago. Great wine from a great producer. If you enjoy OR Pinot, this is a go to producer.