TN: 2005 Tyrrell's Sémillon Vat 1 (Australia, New South Wales, Hunter Valley)

  • 2005 Tyrrell's Sémillon Vat 1 - Australia, New South Wales, Hunter Valley (1/30/2024)
    This thing has more gold medals than Michael Phelps. Under screwcap it is still remarkably fresh. Some toast, cheese rind, wild herbs and grey slate aromas. Great intensity. A pure line of citrus fruit. Linear, direct, engaging and so long. A cool mintiness lingers.

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Hey Jeremy, have some of this in the cellar. Yes it is plastered with little gold stickers for sure.

Would you hold longer or drink now?


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I’m not Jeremy, but I’d have no qualms about cellaring it for another decade+ and potentially a lot more than that.

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I had a 1968 in 2000 that tasted young. I’m sure you could hold the 05 another 10 years easy.

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So much left in the tank, Brodie. Beautiful now but could age for another 10-20 years under screwcap.

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We’re selling 99 and it’s still relatively fresh!

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The 2022 just hit our market -

How does the Vat 1 compare with this one? A treat brought to dinner by Anthony Hall several years ago.

Vat 1 in theory the top wine, but both Belford and Stevens vineyard bottlings are very good (I’ve never tasted the newer Johno’s bottling, but it’s also pitched just below the Vat1), so it might be a case of preference for one over the others (and FWIW I’ve never tasted them side by side, and all too infrequently, as Hunter Semillon has never been widely distributed in the UK)