TN: 2005 Seven Stones Cabernet Sauvignon (USA, California, Napa Valley, St. Helena)

  • 2005 Seven Stones Cabernet Sauvignon - USA, California, Napa Valley, St. Helena (9/6/2010)
    This is textbook California Cab. however it still needs quite a bit of age or a good 4 hour decant to fully strut its stuff. Initially the nose on this was pretty tight but with time it gave in a little. I do think the nose will be best if it’s allowed to develop some tertiary notes, (so age age age it). The palate started out rather meek but put on significant weight as the night wore on. Full and broad with black currents some spiciness and a hint of chocolate, the palate definitely stole the show on this night. I really liked this wine - time in the decanter made an enormous difference. (95 pts.)

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What can I say, I REALLY liked it - Joan did not! [wink.gif]

Okay, all is right with the world.

In fact - she decided to drink something else: Bordeaux.

Double [shock.gif]


If you think the 05 needs a decant, wait til you try the 07. That seriously needs 4-5 hours. But the 07 is our best wine without question. I have not had the 05 in a year, so glad to see a note, even if some are [shock.gif] about it. neener

Hi Roy - I think the [shock.gif] are because I normally drink Bordeaux or Burgundy, (reds) but this wine rocks. [highfive.gif]

I was trying to hold off but curiosity got the better of me last night. I’m definitely glad I took the plunge, it’s great to know where this is headed. And considering what you say about the 2007 - I think I’ll just hold those for a good loooooong time.

Oh! Cool. [snort.gif]