TN: 2005 Scholium Project Cena Trimalchionis Farina

  • 2005 Scholium Project Cena Trimalchionis Farina - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Mountain (10/29/2016)
    Scholium retrospective with Abe. I loved this. The age has given it depth to go with the Botrytis. A bitter edge on it when young is gone. White fruit, tart citrus, a bit of the tropics. One of my two or three favorites of the night. I wish I had more. (92 pts.)

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I was bringing a bottle to the the last SP retrospective, the one in the meat-packing district, until Mel drank it a few days before we flew east! Still have one bottle. What were your other favorites Jay?

Nice note Jay - sounds delicious and I bet it was a helluva a tasting.

When SP wines are on, they’re REALLY on.

Nice! Glad that it’s still showing well. I think I still have a couple bottles of this.
Interestingly, Abe did two different bottlings of this wine, apparently due mainly to a logistical issue. According to him, the winds are essentially indistinguishable.