TN: 2005 R. Lopez de Heredia Vina Tondonia

I’m a bit torn between this and the 04; I think they’re both great but this was just so great smth my holy grail akushi waygu strip tonight. Just

Great pure fruit, a bit of spice, good structure, nice acidity, and just very nice integration. Beautiful wine.

Thanks. Love this wine, but haven’t had the '05 yet (except the Cubillo Crianza which I assume is not what you drank).

Sounds like the Reserva. I had a bottle of that three weeks ago, and was very impressed. I immediately went out and bought more.

Sounds great. These wines seem to always deliver. A consistency and relative value that is unmatched, honestly.
The '04 is wonderful right now. I need to try this '05.
Thanks for the check in.

Really happy to see this note—I have a 05 in storage at Berto Dorta’s in PA—next trip down there, will open for sure.



How would you describe the differences between the Tondonia and Bosconia?

Depends on the vintage. Both are from estate vineyards. Bosconia used to have some Pinot Noir included and was modeled after Burgundy, even called Borgoña, but of course it’s nothing like Burgundy. It can be fuller-bodied and more aromatic, while Tondonia can be leaner and often has noticeable acidity and even VA, but again, tasting blind side by side, it’s not always easy to identify which is which.

I had this blind during the summer and found it oddly fruit forward, probably needs time to bring out the spice and old wood nose.

I tried the '06 Tondonia Reserva last night, and it matched Greg’s description pretty closely. Lots of acidity, and bright red cherry fruit – almost cranberry-like. (No VA – very clean.) Only a little oak showing – so little that there was only one hesitant guess of Rioja. (I served it blind.)

I think this needs another five to ten years to really flesh out. Pretty tight at the moment, but a very nice wine. In structure (acid-tannin-fruit balance) and fruit profile, it was sort of akin to a young Volnay. 90+ points for me.

John. I have never noticed any dill/American oak notes in a Tondonia, but I always get antique furniture or old hardwood floors. For dill it’s La Rioja Alta.

BTW. Do you think $40 is a good price for this wine? K&L is offering a pre-order for that price.

Wine library has it for $35/btl, fwiw.

Both the '05 and the '06 are available for $36-$37 at as number of stores in the NYC area.

I think envoyer has the 06 for something like $27.