TN: 2005 Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco

My 2nd Nebbiolo based wine. You know, those who draw some parallels with Nebbiolo and Pinot Noir aren’t crazy afterall. Obviously I have a small sample size, but it seems that the aromatics and mouth feel (aside from the tannins) have similarities with pinot. My wallet will take a beating “investigating” this further…

  • 2005 Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco - Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barbaresco (4/18/2010)
    Opened at 57.6 degF. Poured off half for Day2 drinking. Left to aerate and warm up for ~1.5hr. Ripe, strawberry liqueur are readily apparent along with cedar. In the mouth there are nice acids with medium weight red fruits that are accompanied with a layer of fine but very grippy tannins, but there is good precision in the elements leading to a juicy finish.

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Glad you’re enjoying these. Hopefully you’ll dig the Vietti as well, great bottle there, probably will be better than this one.

Although not bad, 2005 isn’t the best vintage for Produttori’s Barbaresco. See if you can find the 2008 Langhe Nebbiolo from Produttori – it’s less expensive and better.

Any local retailers likely to carry this? A quick scan on wine-searcher yields mostly east coast companies.

I found it here in San Francisco (Wine Club, I think).

Add on edit: On further thought, I may have gotten it at Arlequin Wines.

So psyched you liked Produttori’s 2005-you should definitely check out their 2006 entry Barbaresco! More complete a mouthfeel, still a little young, but with decanting, delivers a more powerful (and poignant) old world impression: earth-based herb and flint that lifts the weightier (than the 05), polished fruit flavors.

I’m looking forward to a lineup of the 01,04,05,06 normales in the coming years :wink:


Those Langhe Nebbiolos are priced right and make for some tasty drinking.

I think I have some 1990 “crus” from Produttori, they are probably just about ready now…

While I definitely enjoy the '08 Nebbiolo Langhe (and liked the '07 & '06 as well), I am in disagreement with Claude’s take on its superiority to the '05 Normale. Still, both are eminently drinkable wines, and with the rather modest tariff for either, two wines to try side-by-side to decide for yourself. I think somebody already mentioned it, but the '06 Normale is also a very nice Neb for the money.

Don’t know who Total Wine is, but I paid about $30 for the Barbaresco and $20 for the Langhe Nebbiolo here in SF.

If you can snag a bottle, the 99 has been stellar for several years – genuine Barbaresco at its most elegant.

I have had it a couple of times, and it has shown well whereas the 99 Riservas have remained very unyielding. However I don’t seem to have any in the cellar. Hrmm, dilemma!

Sadly, I’m down to my last bottle. Sigh. What a deal at $22!

The 06 should be good. No single vineyard wines were produced by Produttori in 2006, so all the best wine went into the base Barbaresco.

What’s the source of your information? I didn’t find anything on their website.

Josh, when was the last time you tried a '99 riserva? I’ve been thinking about checking one out, although I have to admit, the youth the '01 Montestefano showed this past weekend has me thinking 2nd thoughts about my idea.