TN: 2005 Pierre Gonon St. Joseph (France, Rhône, Northern Rhône, St. Joseph)

  • 2005 Pierre Gonon St. Joseph - France, Rhône, Northern Rhône, St. Joseph (12/20/2012)
    Wound up like a tightly coiled spring.
    Some pepper and focused darker fruit on the nose.
    Missing the open fruit in the midpalate.
    Still quite tannic.
    The finish gives you a peek.
    This will be great.

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I’m curious, Don, what was it like young if you know?

I had one bottle of the 2010 that was decanted and served at a tasting which was tough and tannic – like your description. But three or four bottles drunk with dinner were delicious and gulpable – incredibly fruity. I’ve suspected from that first bottle in the tasting that it may go into a dumb phase at some point. I take it that’s where you think the 05 is now.

More up front fruit when young to me John.

I think sometimes at tastings we over decant wines like this and bring out too much structure.

Sounds like you did the right thing with the 2010’s and just gulped them with some nice food!

This one is definitely in a dumb phase to me. I have pretty good experience with Gonon going back to 2004 and our visit with Jean.
I have only had one with significant age 1989. This one needs some cellar time to me.

FWIW. Cheers.

I had bought based on the tasting but forgot how it showed there until I’d gone through several bottles. I was surprised when I found the tasting notes describing it as tough and ungiving. I got Chambers Street’s last seven bottles and wish I had many more for current consumption. It will take some self-control to keep a few in reserve for the future.

Thanks for the reference point. I have some '06 which was pretty tight when tasted last year which I’ll continue to hold. The '06 VV OTOH was more open and drinking beautifully!

Rule of 15!

Sounds like it would be a smart move to open a bottle of the '10 now before it shuts down. I guess my mag will follow the rule of 20?? I really wasn’t planning to open this for my 65th birthday, much less my 70th.

Gonon’s Saint-Joseph is built to age. There are others that you can buy for earlier drinking.

Thanks for the data point, Don. Now I can let mine be for awhile.