TN: 2005 Outpost Grenache (USA, California, Napa Valley, Howell Mountain)

  • 2005 Outpost Grenache - USA, California, Napa Valley, Howell Mountain (3/1/2010)
    If you like black pepper…you will LOVE this wine! Again, as I have stated before…this is CdP meets Ca. Pinot Noir! Very Ca. in fruit…raspberry, cherry, wildberry…little cocktail fume, but I think the earth tones, spice, and sweet fruit work well with it. But you have to be ready for the style…or it might throw you. This is Ca. Grenache at its peppery best! Fun drink! (93 pts.)

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Brian thx. Loved the 05.

Still lovin this! Little fume…but the black pepper/earthy/raspberry/Pinot-ish makes it! Still remember drinkin and spittin this in the cellar with TRB at Outpost! Have always loved this wine, with fun memories!

I’ve got two of the 2004 left. I put them away in 2007 when I decided after two bottles that they needed to sleep for a while. I amost opened one a few months ago but decided to pass. Maybe I’ll have to check in on them. There’s something about the Outpost Grenache that just brought out the intensity, hence my decision to let them rest. Pinot-ish? You’re joking, right?

I like the 05 better than the 04…Pinot-ish because of the transparency…compared to the black hole type like Alban!