TN: 2005 Navarro Vineyards Pinot Noir "Méthode à l'Ancienne"

The wine initially showed notes of dried cranberries, vanilla, dark cherries and a little loam. The palate was a little simple with dark cherry, spice, cranberry. As it sat open a marked greenness start to show up. More pine on the nose and on the palate. Good acidity this was a very good wine but not an excellent wine. Traci said it was $22 and at that price it is worth the price. (87 pts.)

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Thanks for the note tony.
Need to get my buddy with all the Navarros to pop a pinot soon.
It’s been all whites for us lately, which seems to be Navarro’s strength.

Dennis -

Yeah it seems like the white wines in the stable are good all the time while the reds are definitely a little hit or miss. Sometimes they just seem too lean or a little too green for my tastes. In the case of this Pinot it was tasty albeit not overly complex then the green streak came in. I kind of liked it but it would be off putting to some.

Day 2 Update. The sharp herbal/greeness has subsided. The nose is now showing a little more blackberry pie/spice with very pronounced concrete after the rain smell. The palate exhibits a loamy blackberry pie with tons of spice (a characteristic I am rapidly associating with Anderson Valley) and a little orange peel. Still a very good wine but it falls just short of Outstanding (90-95 pts). I might upgrade this to an 88pter.