TN: 2005 Mollydooker Shiraz Carnival of Love (Australia, South Australia, Fleurieu, McLaren Vale)

  • 2005 Mollydooker Shiraz Carnival of Love - Australia, South Australia, Fleurieu, McLaren Vale (9/7/2009)
    Am I able to cuss in a TN? This stuff is a high octain alcoholic mess! It really felt like my nose hair burned when I first smelled this wine! To be honest it was opened to warm, about 74 but I put it in a decanter and then the fridge for 30 minutes. After it cooled down some of the heat went away and some fruit came out of hiding but this wine has more in common with Vicks Cherry cough syrup then wine! I see no way that this wine will ever get better, it is to out of ballance and to high in alcohol, 16.5%!!! There were four of us drinking that night two liked it and two did not! I hope to never drink this wine again!!! (83 pts.)

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My notes from the Sierra Carche Fest last week, where the 2005 COL was served blind amid the Spanish line-up:

Very dark – nearly opaque. Rich, very ripe, Aussie-like; chocolate, prunes, port. Very hot. Pretty awful on a repour.

I’d say 83 was extraordinarily generous, Sean. To me, 83 is a perfectly potable, pleasant every day wine. I gave this 75 – borderline swill. Think Dr. Pepper with grain alcohol.

And Dan Posner had double decanted all the wines a couple of hours ahead, which should more equivalent to the Mollydooker shake for purposes of releasing any CO2. :slight_smile:

Wine Advocate gave this 99 points! WTF??

could you guys stop insulting this wine? I still have two bottles in the fridge!!! headbang

My thoughts too.
To me this sounds more like a 50 pt wine than an 83.
Never had the COL but my past experiences with The Boxer and 2 left feet were simply awful. [bleh.gif]
Sean, thanks for the note.

It was a 50 point wine right out of the bottle but it came around to be drinkable with some time and lower temp! I am sure some will really like this wine since it is the big over extracted high alcohol fruit bomb that Parker likes these days! However I can say that I can not trust PArker ever again when it comes to his ratings if his lordship really thinks this wine is 99pts!

[whistle.gif] I like the wine a lot.

Was that when you were sick and used it instead of Nyquil ? neener

Har Har. I do, at cellar temp its sweet and fruit bomby. Some of us like that. If I wanted delicate Id drink single malts.

I have to say I enjoyed this bottle too when I had it a couple years back. Thick but I didn’t find it unbalanced. Maybe it won’t age but at release, it was pretty tasty.

Oh well, no more bottles left and from your tasting note, probably dont want to drink what you had.

Funny how this tasted better when I knew what I was drinking, vs blind.

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