TN 2005 Loring Wine Company Gary's Vineyard Pinot Noir

TN 2005 Loring Wine Company Gary’s Vineyard Pinot Noir

I was snooping through the cellar and found this bottle stashed away. Popped and poured, it is garnet in color with ample legs. Blackberry on the nose, with hints of cedar. The first sip is a flood of pure black cherry fruit up front and on the mid-palate. Ample acidity slowly dries the mouth over 15 to twenty seconds in middle the finish, which ends with bing cherry. Subsequent sips reveal a hint of cedar and spice on the back as the flavors transition to the finish. I would not characterize the wine as heavy in body like many RR and Oregon P/N, more medium on the light side, but produces surprisingly concentrated fruit flavors.

After 30 minutes open, the only things that have changed are an increase in pure, clean fruit flavors and the length of the finish.

Glad I revisited this wine. I hope that other bottle hidden in the cellar is another Gary’s.

Thanks for producing great wine Brian. [cheers.gif]