TN: 2005 Domaine du Pere Caboche, Chateauneuf du Pape

Had this wine for a 2nd time at Cavaillon Restaurant. Never heard of this wine, but I like it. They have it for $29 for a half bottle, so I can ru with this.

It shows good CdP characteristics, it is not particularly deep, but it is very true to the CdP taste and has very nice pure fruit. 90 points.

Also for San Diegans, I was not impressed with the roasted tomatoes appetizer, the artichocke, sccallop and pesto sauce dish was not going anywhere, though the scallops were delicious. The snails are very good with the right amout of garlic and spices. The special hallibut with sweet corn risotto was very, very good. Dessert was excellent.

The $50 off from was excellent as always. Between the 2 of us 7 dishes, sparkling water, plus a half bottle of wine $107 and a nice tip part on the rebate and part cash. I love being a cheap date!!!

I’ve never heard of it either. Did you look to see the importer?

Thanks for the introduction.