TN: 2005 Domaine Denis Mortet Bourgogne Cuvée de Noble Souche

  • 2005 Domaine Denis Mortet Bourgogne Cuvée de Noble Souche - France, Burgundy, Bourgogne (2/14/2012)
    I drank this on release and it was not showing anything. This bottle was consumed over two nights with night 2 being the best. I would still say that these should be held. 05 is a backward vintage. Ruby in color with some purple swirls. The nose has lots of black cherries. On night 2 some sour sherries and a hint of funk emerge. On the palate, this is thick and velvety. Lots of dark cherries. Very fruit forward. I don’t expect a lot of terroir in a wine like this, but blind i would have guessed Sonoma. All right, maybe a Burgundian styled Sonoma wine like Rhys, but there is so much fruit, not a lot of acidity and very forward. Not that I minded that as this is very delicious and enjoyable to drink. At $50, this was not any great value but priced fairly in the scheme of things I think. I will be waiting a while on the 1er and G Crus. (90 pts.)

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Popped and consumed over 2 nights. Fairly slightly annoyingly debateably but inevitably barely corked. Super low ng/L levels. It comes off a touch CA as Loren note states but there’re unmistakable notes of mushroom, earth and underbrush. The fruit isn’t washed out…but somewhat subdued by the 15 years. Structurally mature. One more bottle downstairs which is hopefully unafflicted. Frankly there were better 2005 OR Pinots at the price. Probably better to drink now or over the next couple years.


Agreed on 05 being backward, and really frustrating. It was hyped as the vintage of the millennium throughout France, and no region is working out well thus far - Burgundy, Bordeaux, etc.

Yup, 2010 is the real Burg stunner IMHO

The more I read this forum, the more discouraged I am from opening my 2005 Ch. de Briailles Clos du Roi any time soon.

I think you will be rewarded, Todd, but the better wines are going to need 25 years+. But then I think most Burgundy vintages need at least 15 to start showing complexity.