TN: 2005 Columbia Crest Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve (USA, Washington, Columbia Valley)

  • 2005 Columbia Crest Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve - USA, Washington, Columbia Valley (6/20/2009)
    A dark crimson color with purple tinges edges. The nose is all pure sweet cassis, camphor, and black cherries with a touch of earthiness–very nice indeed. The palate has a beautifully balanced medium mouth feel with a lush under-current. A wonderful, elegant & pure wine which is firing on all cylinders right now. Great red-cassis, sweet black cherries, with some crème de kirsch notes. This is really a very complete wine at this stage (depending on your idea of complete :smiley: ). The tannins are still young and toothy and the acidity hovers in the background. A super long finish that goes for 2 minutes. I have always been a fan of this bottling. Should drink swimingly for the next 5-8 years, but oh so yummy now. (93 pts.)

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Thanks for the note. I haven’t bought this wine recently but it does seem to bring a lot of bang for the buck. Obviously not for an oak hater.


I got lucky and scored a case on release at Costco for $20 a bottle. Two consumed with similar notes.

ever since ws gave this a 95 i have been trying to track this wine down, to no avail. glad some of you guys found it and its (almost) as good as advertised…

Just had a lower tier cab from them (grand reserve). very impressed with the quality for the price. would love to see how well this one drinks.

they seem to be a solid go to source for quality at lower prices.

I got lucky as the wine distributor that handles this wine was in Costco and was unpacking it the day it got the score. I got it still in the six pack cardboard cases.

I also bougth several 6 packs for ~$20 per bottle here in one of the Houston’s COSTCOS.

I bought this wine before tasting it after I saw your post in e-Bob raving about this wine (if I recall correctly, you wrote that it was not a 95 pointer, but it was certainly a 92-93 pt wine).

Normally, I would’ve hesitated before purchasing solely on H. Steinman’s recommendation and would’ve only bought one bottle to taste before commiting to buying more. In retrostpective, if I hadn’t seen your (i.e. Bill’s) post in e-Bob, I’m sure the wine would’ve been sold out by the time that I would’ve come back for more. Thanks Bill for posting that tasting note. You’re [ok.gif].

Didn’t this kind of thing happened to you with the 2005 WineMaker’s Collection (i.e. coming back for more and not finding it in Costco)?

I already had three bottles of the 2005 Columbia Crest Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve and I agree with Mike’s and Bill’s impression on this wine…

Good luck finding it on the internet now. I just spent 4 hours looking and it doesn’t exist. I guess I will have to go with the Januik instead.

If this is like the rest of the CC reds, it’s not for the oak averse. What say y’all about the oak?

Bob, it was nicely balanced and NOT like the others in the line-up at all.
This and the Walter Clore are the two best go-to CC reds.

Good to hear, because the “regular” CC cabernet is a poster child for excessive use of fresh sawdust.

I think this just made the spectator WOTY.

Tee-Hee. I bought a case of it last year at Costco for under $25 a bottle.