TN: 2005 Château Rieussec (France, Bordeaux, Sauternais, Sauternes)

  • 2005 Château Rieussec - France, Bordeaux, Sauternais, Sauternes (5/20/2014)
    {375ml} consistent with prior bottles, and consistent with the trajectory that this has proclaimed since release - fabulous and getting better. A seldom seem combination of richness and powerful acidity act in harmony to clearly delineate the dense layers of fruit, caramel, toffee, spiced marmalade, mixed floral, chestnut honey, and peach pits. “Like a punch in the face”, someone said. Exactly, except you’re left smiling after you’re struck. very highly recommended, will drink exceptionally for decades

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Good to hear this one is making up to its promises. A 2005 Yquem we drank recently (also from .375) was a downright disappointment (as opposed to the 2001 we drank just some days before) and on that evening was blown out of the water by 2009 Schafer Frohlich Beerenauslese and even a young 2012 Donnhoff Eiswein…

I had this out of a .375 around Christmas time. My notes are surprisingly similar to yours. I enjoyed this over a nice evening and really wish I bought more then the one I purchased. I’ve never had d’Yquem before but would struggle to pay that premium (at this stage of my life) with bottles like this had for a fraction of the price.

I haven’t had this for quite a while. I have been holding it because I thought it would make good old bones. Recent notes like this one are encouraging.

You’re wine strategies?

Cool. I find myself reading your notes all the time.

I found a bottle of this in my local stated for about 50.00. What are some better vintages of this producer?

I believe 2001 is considered to the the best recent vintage.

But if you’re curious:

The 2005 Rieussec is one of my favorites of the vintage, along with the Climens. I have not tried the D’Yquem for a comparison. I find the 2005 Rieussec to be better than the 2003 but not as good as the 2001, for comparison purposes.


I’ve only had the 05 once, but I recall that it developed for over a week once opened. It was very promising. I have had good but not superb experiences with the 01, though I think it’s closed, so it’s tough for me to compare the two vintages to each other. Very different, but potentially near the same level. I’ve tried the 03 recently and it’s excellent but a clear step down.

I haven’t tried the 05 Yquem and so cannot comment on that… 05 was the start of the price explosion and so I haven’t tried anything past 04. The 03 and 04 are superb experiences at lower prices than anything since.

And Bryan: $50 for a 750mL of 2005 Rieussec is a great price. I would buy one to try now if you haven’t tried it. I’ve generally seen halves for $30 and 750mL for $50-60.

IMO, Rieussec, Suiduraut and Climens (leaving out Yquem because of prhibitive pricing) are all so good these days that vintage is more about stylistic preference, except for a couple of really top vintage exceptions (e.g. 2001). I just like to surf the variation around all the vintages. Some offer riper fruit, some a lighter but still very expressive style. If you are looking to explore I would not be concerned about vintage right now.